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DS allergic to melon? Or something else?

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rainbowlight Thu 16-Jul-09 21:25:42

My DS is 20 months and has multiple food allergies - eggs, milk, beans, lentils and peas. So far he has been ok will all types of fruit - and he does love his fruit! Nursey gave him melon today and he had a rash around his mouth and hives on his neck. DS has had melon many times at home and nusery in the past. DS has his food served first at Nursey and today the melon was the only food in the room when he reacted. They gave him his piriton and he was ok. Then in the afternoon he got a blotchy rash on his face but no hives. There was no food around at the time and nothing obvious to cause the reaction.
My question really is could it be possible his system was still reacting to the melon even though it was approx 3 hours later or is it more likely he is allergic to something none food - he has only been allergic to food so far. Sorry to waffle on I don't know if I am clutching at straws really! I thought we were turning a corner as we suspected a soya allergy but thankfully he is ok.

girlsyearapart Fri 17-Jul-09 07:54:39

A few weeks ago I posted as dd2 had eaten some melon and her eye face and lips swelled up and her excema got worse. She had had melon twice before but this time it was mixed melon so different types could cause different reactions? The reaction started before bed and was much worse in the morning so yes a reaction can develop over time.
The doc said he thought pollen but I'm still unsure and think may ve been melon. If you try to find my OP about it some other people posted about melon allergy.

Picante Fri 17-Jul-09 07:59:08

DS has had a reaction to melon once - now seems fine. I think often with fruit it depends on the ripeness of it.. and maybe the type of melon?

2tontess Fri 17-Jul-09 14:51:47

hi, i've had a reaction to melon in the past which has been put down to hayfever. I ate a cantaloupe before bed then woke up 2 hours later with difficulty breathing, hives, swollen mouth etc. Took some antihistamines and hoped for the best (I was home alone). I needed steroids afterwards to get rid of the hives.

There is a connection between birch pollen and melon - if you look up oral allergy syndrome you will find a list of what fruits/veg are relative to certain pollens (they have the same proteins which set off the allerguc reaction). I have eaten watermelon with no affect so I think they type of melon does come into it.

Hope it helps a bit!

rainbowlight Fri 17-Jul-09 19:27:30

Thanks everyone for your replies - I will do some more research. Our asthma nurse thought he had hayfever earlier in the year so it is interesting that there is a link between pollen and fruits. I will test him by rubbing on his skin and take it from there. Poor DS he loves melon!

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