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Big reaction to insect bites?

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Cosmosis Thu 16-Jul-09 16:04:27

Over the past couple of weeks I have been bitten by something which has caused a huge reaction - the first time was my wrist and it swelled up and was very hot and painful. The swelling went right down to my elbow. The second time I was bitten a few times (about 7 or 8) on my upper arm and leg, and the same thing happened - I could hardly bend my knee etc.

I took piriton and they went in a couple of days.

I've never had anything like this before - I have a bit of hayfever and a skin grass allergy but that's all, however my grandmother was severely allergic to wasps and bees (I think probably in the days before epipens were around but it was a proper might die allergy).

Do you think it's worth speaking to my doc or not?

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Thu 16-Jul-09 19:09:55

Go and see your GP smile

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