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asthma attack 7 month old?

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barbareebaa Mon 13-Jul-09 09:13:50

My wee boy had a wheezing episode yesterday and we had to phone an ambulance. He is being referred to an allergy specialist at the hospital (this has been going on a while - he appears to have a milk allergy but waiting to find out).
At first we thought it may be a reaction to a food (we tried him with a tiny taste of homemade bolognaise)but now think it seemed to be more like an asthma attack (my dh and I both have asthma)We have just this weekend moved house - dusty!
we were sent home after his chest got better but laid awake listening to his chest rattle well into the early hours sad
so anyone had experience of asthmatic baby? have made an appointment to see gp this aft - would ideally like to have something prescribed so we can help him in the first instance if this happens again. I realise this is unlikely as I exect he will need to be referred to someone else for that!

Pyrocanthus Mon 13-Jul-09 14:46:08

Bumping this. I've nothing very useful to say, other than that I think it's hard to diagnose asthma in a baby and that the dust is a bit of a coincidence...

Good luck.

Hazelwhirls Tue 14-Jul-09 22:48:22

Would agree that it's hard to diagnose asthma so small but dust might be a co-factor - has the new house had a cat or similar? Also just normal moulds and spores disturbed in the move may be trouble.
Am collecting feedback about how people get on getting allergy specialist care - see Hazelwhirls thread. Do please email me as to how you get on as we need current data from around the UK to improve care in the future. Thanks

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