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Anyone else find that the Elena Schalberg products made eczema worse?

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Betti Sun 12-Jul-09 19:58:34

My Ds has had eczema since he was a month old. He is now 8 months and I thought I would try Elena's products after reading recommendations on here. I started using the regime (trinity soap, oil, day & night cream)on thursday and have found that the eczema is now worse on his legs and is in danger of becoming infected. He seems to have started scratching at it again which he seemed to have stopped doing. I really want to try and avoid using steriods or any other creams so that I can see whether Elena's products do work. Is this a case of it getting worse before it gets better? Has anyone else got any experience of it not actually being any good for their lo's skin?

EldonAve Mon 13-Jul-09 14:12:59

I have never heard of her stuff
Why not call their helpline?

TBH if it's making it worse then I'd stop

Bilbomum Mon 13-Jul-09 15:30:55

I have heard of it and wondered about using it myself, especially as it's available on the NHS.

However I've looked on the website at the ingredients and the moisturiser contains almond oil. Has your ds been tested for nut allergy? It sounds like he's reacting to one of the ingredients to me. Did you do a patch test for a few days before using it all over? If not it might be worth stopping it and patch testing for a while.

I wouldn't rule out steriods completely if I were you. My ds (nearly 3) has had severe eczema since he was six weeks old and I hate using them but they are a necessity sometimes. When ds gets really bad they are the only thing that gives him some respite.

Hope he improves soon.

Betti Mon 13-Jul-09 16:32:18

Thanks Bilbomum. I did do a patch test and he seemed ok. He does have an egg allergy and I'm waiting for an appointment to come through for his allergy testing. I did speak to Elena and mentioned his egg allergy but she didn't seem to think it'd be a problem. The funny thing is that his tummy and back seems to have cleared up but his arms and legs seem to be worse. It's so difficult to know whether it's down to these creams or something else. I've only ever read rave reviews about her products so I'm wondering whether I have to persevere for longer. Trouble is I had just about cleared all the eczema up using steriods, aveeno and epaderm and I'm worried I'm going back to square one. Elena advises against using steriods and claims that using her regime means you shouldn't ever have to use steriods again - who wouldn't give it a go?!

Anyone else got any experience of using her products?

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