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Developmental issues in allergic dd 10mo. Advice?

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girlsyearapart Fri 10-Jul-09 21:08:32

Hi dd2 10mo on Monday. Allergic to dairy soya wheat tomato banana plum egg probably a few more we don't know about yet.. Severe excema has become much clearer upon restriction of diet. Anyway as people may have seen on previous posts she has dropped down to 9th centile (from 90th at birth) and didn't gain weight for 6 weeks gained 200g last week after extra scoops of Nutramigen. The HV and dietitian both 'borderline worried' about dd2 development. She can sit but not for very long before falling over. Can hold weight on legs. Can roll proficiently. Can use arms to 'crawl' around in a circle. Doesn't get up in proper crawl position, pull herself up to stand or sit.Would happily cuddle and flop against you all day.. Is otherwise alert and happy. The HV and dietitian think I need to see a peadiatrician to assess. Dd1 crawling at 6mo, up the stairs at 7 mo, wouldn't be cuddled as too fidgety, cruised at 9mo and took steps at 12mo before walking properly at 13mo so I only have her to compare against. Am I worrying unduly? Did anyone else have same issues with restriction of diet slowing down development because of strength? Sorry to ramble!

AcademicMum Sat 11-Jul-09 12:03:44

Hi there. Developmental delay can be part of failure to thrive (god, I hate that expression). You might find an appointment with a paediatrician will help. We had a referal with ds2 (who was classed as ftt and yet has been walking since 12 months) - it was the best thing for us as the paed has been able to reassure us that ds2 is absolutely fine, just small and this is common in babies with allergies.

Your dd could just be developing a little slower than her sister too, my ds1 has always been a very healthy boy and yet didn't make any attempt to walk till 16 months (but once he started he was running around within about 2 days), ditto talking. he was late starting, but when he did start he said words very clearly from the start (and now we can't shut him up grin). Its just his nature to study how things are done for ages and only have a go when he's convinced he'll get it right.

No two babies are the same and she'll get there in her own time.

BTW you also say she can sit but not for a long time - the WHO standards for assessment of motor skills say that "sitting unaided" is being able to sit up straight for 10 seconds without using arms or hands to balance or support. Can she do this?

girlsyearapart Sat 11-Jul-09 13:22:50

Thanks yes she can sit for a few mins but when she's had enough she just stacks it forwards or backwards. Dd1 used to put her hands down when she got tired and lay herself down. Think will prob go ahead w the paed referral if for piece of mind only..

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