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Soya Milk Recommendation Needed

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CADS Wed 18-May-05 07:39:22

Which soya milk (non formula) would you recommend for a 15mnths old? And would you use long life soya milk?


charleepeters Wed 18-May-05 08:49:43

you need toget one with added calcium in i dont think any brand is partucally better than another but you can get them with added calciumtesco do one i think xxx

tatt Thu 19-May-05 06:33:40

why are you going for soya milk? Unless you have an allergic child its best to use goats or cows milk.

CADS Thu 19-May-05 07:00:43

Hi tatt and charleepeters,

Yes, his paed recommended we try soya, which make life a bit difficult, on the cooking front. I love my dairy and can't imagine not being able to have cheese. Thanks for replying.

jampots Thu 19-May-05 07:41:32

I use Alpro which you can get from Sainsburys or Waitrose (and probably all the other supermarkets too).

rummum Thu 19-May-05 20:22:02

Not sure weather things have changed... when my son was young we had to give him infant formular till he was 2 (I think it was called wysoy)... it had all the extra vitamins/calcium that he was to need... apparently...
I even had to cook with it...

CADS Thu 19-May-05 20:34:49

Hi rummum

Actually, not sure. I use the normal soya milk for cooking, and soya forumla in his bottle and cereal. Just assumed because you can drop normal formula from 1 year.

Does anyone know the answer? Maybe, I should look into it.


puska Thu 19-May-05 20:52:03

hi cadds - i just checked ds alpro soya in the fridge its says "suitable as a main milk source from 2yrs"

hope that helps

bobbybob Fri 20-May-05 06:35:03

Yes, I thought it was soy formula until 2, but normal soy milk will be okay in cooking.

tatt Fri 20-May-05 07:32:30

still wondering why the paed is recommending soya not nutramigen or neocate but I'd go with bobbybob - formula for drink, calcium enhanced soya to cook.

CADS unless you have very serious reason to worry about cross contamination eat your cheese. We have one person totally dairy free but I still have milk for the children. Have to be extra careful about cooking but it is possible.

meggymoo Fri 20-May-05 07:37:22

Message withdrawn

RnB Fri 20-May-05 11:48:57

Message withdrawn

Cressie Fri 20-May-05 12:28:33

If you are giving soya products to your child (and the same goes for consuming them yourself) make sure you use ones in their 'whole' form. It will say made from 'whole soya beans' if it is. Don't use soya protein products or isolates as it can have aluminium in it. Also best to use organic soya as it will be GM free.

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