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Anyone reckon that Crocs aggravate their dc's eczema?

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alittleteapot Fri 03-Jul-09 17:18:13

That's it really. DD's feet have never been itchy like this (she's 2) and I'm wondering if it's the crocs or just the heat. I suppose it's the first year she's had to deal with real heat and real shoes at the same time, but occurred to me the rubbery fabric might not be helping...

chegirl Sat 04-Jul-09 16:46:47

I have never owned a pair (please dont flame me but I think they are the ugliest shows I ever did see).

But I can imagine the rubber material could aggravate eczema. Do her feet get sweaty when she wears them? Does she have a latex allergy? I am assuming the material is related to latex (can you tell I am not that scietifically minded?).

Only way to tell is to leave them for a couple of weeks and see if her poor little feet improve.

chegirl Sat 04-Jul-09 16:48:13

I meant shoes obviously

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