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any wheat free recipes please!?

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clarebear1 Wed 24-Jun-09 22:51:36

For my mum, she has a sweet tooth for cakes and biscuits so theyd be great plus dinners ideas would be helpful too, thanks

tatt Thu 25-Jun-09 06:27:30

for cakes buy doves gluten free flour in your local supermarket, get some xanthum gum, add a little extra water and use any recipe you've used with a wheat based flour. I find I need to add extra xanthum gum even to Doves flour to get it to rise properly. If you haven't got time to bake Mrs Crimble's cakes but check if she's wheat free or gluten free as some contain rye. You can get great chocolate brownies and stem ginger loaf cake which is slightly dry.

This is a good site for recipes

Dinners - meat and two veg and be careful with the gravy. We use Bisto but it may be only one or two types that are suitable, check the label. Or rice based meals if you make a sauce yourself with cornflour. There are wheat free sauces you can buy, depends what type you want. I don't buy sweet and sauce but maybe someone else will know.

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