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Can anyone recommend a London homeopath for baby eczema?

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Crazycatlady Wed 24-Jun-09 19:23:18

DD, almost 6 months, born with very dry skin which progressed to eczema and is now having repeated flare ups. It's pretty much all over her (mildly) with two patches on her cheeks which get pretty bad every other week or so.

We've been referred by GP to St Thomas' paed derm but not seeing until Sept.

Concerned that all we're going to get from NHS is more creams just treating the symptoms rather than finding the root cause...

Have heard homeopathy works for some - can anyone recommend a good one in London? Or within easy reach of SW16?

DD is fully breastfed and i"m currently off wheat and dairy at GPs advice to see if it helps. But with no hope of any allergy testing at any point soon I'm not sure how long we can continue like this!

starmucks Wed 24-Jun-09 22:27:15

I haven't been through this but a friend did with her DS. She took him to see a homeopath at Viveka which is in NW8 - not exactly next to you but his eczema cleared up with within a couple of months.

kissmummy Thu 25-Jun-09 17:41:13

have you tried Vaseline? I posted something similar to your message a few weeks ago - my DS is just under two and gets dreadful eczema on his cheeks. we have been totally fobbed off by the NHS with endless creams that do no good at all and some have even made it worse. someone on mumsnet suggested vaseline so i gave it a go, and hey presto! it works. worth a try if you haven't already! we re-apply it about five times a day.

pointydog Thu 25-Jun-09 17:46:55

What has your gp advised in teh meantime?

In many cases it is not possible to find one root cause. I'm not sure how you think homeopathy will find the cause, but I understand that you want to try anything.

mummypig Thu 25-Jun-09 17:51:53

I don't have a homeopath I can recommend,sorry, but I do know a very good medical herbalist, who does a fair bit of work with babies.
Nicky Wesson in Hampton I've seen her for my ds3's colic, and she also gave me a great lotion when I had seriously itchy skin in pregnancy.

Also, if you are prepared to shell out for it, you can see Dr Gideon Lack privately at the Portland, and his nurse can do skin prick tests. It might mean you can pinpoint what is going on before your NHS appt.

Crazycatlady Mon 05-Oct-09 11:51:54

Hi mummypig, ages since I started the thread but just wanted to say thank you for recommending Gideon Lack - we actually were able to see him on NHS at St Thomas's and he was brilliant.. Skin prick tests all done, and she is confirmed allergic to milk protein, eggs and cod. But we know what we're dealing with now and the eczema is under control. Thanks again all smile

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