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Picnic ideas - must be wheat, gluten, dairy and egg free!

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SarahL2 Fri 19-Jun-09 08:13:00

I have finally gotten round to organising a day out with my cousins and thier families We're related via my father who I haven't seen for 15 years (a good thing - he's a very bad man) and it's been hard work making sure we don't become estranged from them too.

So, we're going to the Cotswolds Wildlife Park tomorrow and taking a picnic grin

My problem is that my brother is intollerant to Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, some nuts, and Yeast. He's 26 but was only diagnosed a year ago so we're still learning when it comes to his diet.

Does anyone have an good picnic ideas for someone with a restricted diet? I really want to make a special effort for him.

VelvetCushions Fri 19-Jun-09 08:49:37

Cold roasts
rice salads
cou cous with roast veg

You can do a search for some wheat free vegan baked goods or ones that don't need eggs like biscuits or scones. You can often use other flour like rice or ground almonds.

SarahL2 Fri 19-Jun-09 08:50:08


SarahL2 Fri 19-Jun-09 08:50:50

Sorry x-posts, thanks Velvet

SarahL2 Fri 19-Jun-09 08:51:50

Cous Cous is wheat though. I know he can't eat that.

VelvetCushions Fri 19-Jun-09 08:52:40

Sorry I think coucous may contain gluten. I'm not so hot on gluten free (egg, dairy and nut free, I know a lot about!). Hope someone more knowledgable come and helps smile

VelvetCushions Fri 19-Jun-09 08:53:45

x posts!

foxinsocks Fri 19-Jun-09 08:57:13

jelly for pudding
can he have hummus? and chickpeas? because something like falafel is quite good too (just check the falafel are gluten free, sometimes they aren't)

MumOfTwoToo Fri 19-Jun-09 08:57:51

We would take a mix of foods

Home Cooked chicken drumsticks or whole chicken
Ham (check label)
Milano salami (check label re milk)
Smoked fish (may be a problem with yeast)
Houmous dips
Tomato and avocado salad
Potato salad with olive oil and herbs (put on warm potatoes really yummy)
Salted Crisps or Salted Doritos
Fresh fruit
Strawberries pineapple mango
Alpro soya strawberry/fruits of the forest "yogurt"

MumOfTwoToo Fri 19-Jun-09 09:01:21

You could also make shortbread with rice flour and a dairy free spread such as Pure.
We put glace cherries in ours.

jumpjockey Fri 19-Jun-09 09:12:10

My favourite picnic food at the mo is chargrilled asparagus - I know that sounds a bit poncy but it's pretty cheap at the moment and really delcious. Just dress with olive oil, salt and fresh ground pepper.

And home-made vegetable crisps maybe? Slice up root veg really thin, toss in olive oil and bake til they crisp up.

SarahL2 Fri 19-Jun-09 09:14:50

Loads of fab ideas

jumpjockey Fri 19-Jun-09 09:16:52

oooh also how about a salad of puy lentils with broad beans and peas and a minty dressing - I usually do this with couscous but the lentils would also work really well, and really seasonal.

SarahL2 Fri 19-Jun-09 09:22:47

Hi jumpjockey

Not sure of his feelings on lentils. Added to his dietary restrictions, he is also picky! Does sound delicious though! Might make it for me

jumpjockey Fri 19-Jun-09 09:31:46

Bah, just take him some tomatoes on a plate then wink

LaundryFairy Fri 19-Jun-09 09:33:25

Adding to the poncicity (hmm) of Jumpjockey's suggestions, if you wrap the chargrilled asparagus in parma ham they are fab.

SarahL2 Fri 19-Jun-09 09:39:39

Yeah but then I would definitely have to have them and I can't have Parma Ham cause I'm pregnant envy

Between the two of us, this is turning into quite a complicated picnic!

LaundryFairy Fri 19-Jun-09 09:46:51

God I remember that horrid time of not being able to eat so many yummy things. I went for a posh meal out weeks before I was due, and I could only order about two things from the whole menu. Mind you, I ate my weight in unpasturised cheese, parma ham and drank loads of red wine on holiday in Italy before knowing I was pregnant (and DS seems mostly normal...wink)

CantSleepWontSleep Fri 19-Jun-09 09:47:28

Just buy some chips from the cafe when you're there wink.

Most supermarkets (& M&S) do a bean salad which will be fine.
Waitrose and M&S do nice coleslaw which is dairy free.
You can get gluten free pasta to make a pasta salad with.

Watch out for using mayonnaise in anything - Helmann's full fat is dairy free, but none of their light ones are.

Lots of other good suggestions already on thread.

Have fun!

SarahL2 Fri 19-Jun-09 10:02:21

Hellman's full fat is dairy free?!?! Thanks for that cantsleep Might make him a BLT on some safe bread

I'm not due till just after christmas either LaundryFairy so I'm going to be demanding a whole host of naughty things for New Years Still won't be able to have the booze cause I'll be feeding but I'll be gorging myself on Brie and Parma Ham grin

bloomingnora Fri 19-Jun-09 10:12:31

Mayonnaise is made of eggs!!

SarahL2 Fri 19-Jun-09 10:18:08

Thanks bloomingnora! It's not the first time I've found something thats X-free, gotten carried away and forgotten it's got Y in it! blush

He apparently has some 'safe' mayo which he can bring so I'll use that...

bloomingnora Fri 19-Jun-09 10:26:07

Sorry - had to answer the door. Was also going to say that Tesco Free From sausages are nice and should be ok. Also be a bit careful of bread as most of the free from ones have egg in. Check carefully. You are a very lovely sister to go to this trouble!

bloomingnora Fri 19-Jun-09 10:27:31

Sorry - had to answer the door. Was also going to say that Tesco Free From sausages are nice and should be ok. Also be a bit careful of bread as most of the free from ones have egg in. Check carefully. You are a very lovely sister to go to this trouble!

SarahL2 Fri 19-Jun-09 10:30:08

Thank you bloomingnora blush He's a very lovely brother

I know his favourite sausages are the Black Farmer ones. I tried them myself and now buy those over the normal ones for us cause they're so much nicer

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