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Just a quick question about Dairly intolerance

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bumpsnowjustplump Mon 15-Jun-09 07:22:14

My ds has really bad reflux. We had a hospital appointment and were given new meds, stupidly at the same time i went dairy free (I am bf) to see if this helped. Well I am really pleased to say that for the last few days things have really improved. But I dont know if it is the new meds or me going dairy free, so I am going to reintroduce dairy today and was wondering, if it is that ds is intollorant to dairy how long before we see a reaction in DS?

blondissimo Mon 15-Jun-09 19:00:53

Hi I would give it a few days - I think 2 days someone once told me.
Hope your ds's reflux gets better quickly - mine has it still at 11 months but has improved a lot.

bumpsnowjustplump Mon 15-Jun-09 20:40:54

Thank you for this!!

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