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Diet related eczema?

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MmeJaffaB Sun 14-Jun-09 13:22:10

I have very limited experience with any skin condition, so any advice greatfully received.

Dc3 2yrs has had on off eczema flare up's since weaning.

I think we may have just discovered the problem.

Orange something, probably the Colourings?
Anyone elses little ones have a reaction to a certain colouring? Are they the Enumbers?
I'd really like to be able to avoid as best as possible what it is that affects her but I'm a little confused what bit is that I need to look out for on packaging. I appreciate that it's trial and error without a diagnosis as such, but it feels mean to take no measures and for her to become scratchy and uncomfortable.

She had two weeks off all things we knew contained obvious orange, orange sweets, orange drinks, spaggetti in sauce etc... her skin has been clear. This morning she had baked beans and within half an hour the eczema patches had returned and she is scraching again. baked beans say they don't contain any artificial colourings but I can't see what else it could have been?

iwillbepositive Sun 14-Jun-09 16:19:23

Maybe more than one thing? Orange colouring perhaps and also tomato - tomatoes are a classic eczema trigger.

MmeJaffaB Sun 14-Jun-09 18:43:51

I've been googleing it, you are right I expect. It says it's probably not the colourings at all but the actual fruit and that tomato is often a trigger with oranges.
Would explain the out breaks with ketchup, spaggtti bolognaise, baked beans along with the orange products.

So, do I keep her off anything containing orange and tomatoes?

TheBreastmilksOnMe Sun 14-Jun-09 18:53:18

My DS is 9mths old and appears to suffer with eczema too- triggers for him are anything containing tomatoes and dairy products. We are going to see a dietcian soon so hopefully we can get some advice because I don't really want to restrict his dairy intake whilst he is so young. I don't feel qualified to mess with his food or skin. Could you get a refferal to see someone regarding your DD?

MmeJaffaB Sun 14-Jun-09 19:18:10

I could easily and I think I will visit the GP this week.

We live in france, they love finding things out so I know it won't be left to trial and error. I've read conflicting reports regarding prick testing and eliminating foods due to eczema though. Although I kind of feel for peice of mind I'd like to know.

We have been to a party this afternoon and someone gave her an orange sweet, she strolled across the grass eating it and within minutes a nasty hives type rash was all over her face and forearms. I've just put her to bed and a large patch of eczema has appeared accross her back.

TheBreastmilksOnMe Sun 14-Jun-09 20:40:33

Your poor DD! I have got a prescription from the GP for some Piriton syrup which I give to DS when he gets a hive-like rash and it seems to help. Maybe you could also get some of this along with avoiding the orange coloured foods that seem to affect your DD.

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