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how do i find out exactly what it is that my ds's intolerant to?

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jennybensmummy Sat 13-Jun-09 07:17:24

my ds is 3 and a half and since he was about 18 months we discovered that fruit always makes him sik so on the advice of the halth visitor removed it from his diet with the view to try and reintroduce things at a time. well 2 years later we have found the only fruit that doesnt still make him sik is bananas. however also other things have made him sick in the same way, some fruitshoot type drinks, vitamin drops and syrup, calpol, cooked fruit too like apple pie, fruit flavour yoghurts, however fromage frais is ok. so any idea what the intolerance is to ad what the best thing to do is other than obviously not give him the things that make him sick?? the gp is useless and says well if it makes him sik dont gie it to him bu no kid can be allergic to paracetamol its very rare - hes ok with disolvable paracetamols just not calpol so its obviously the flavouring or something i think. so what do i do or do i just avoid all these things and leave it at that??

if it makes any differene he also gets a rash with certain grasses (i do too!), has eczxema, and slight asthma.

thanks to anyone who has any ideas as i dont!!

thumbwitch Sat 13-Jun-09 22:43:43

change your GP, and then get a referral to someone who will do skinprick tests for your DS.

Strawberries are a common offender in extreme allergy although probably not in your DS's case - but could be one to avoid.

Read this as well - it gives more information and suggests some more fruits that could be a cause.

Apparently this kind of thing is on the increase so your GP should keep more up to date.

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