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need some help making food for 7 month ds2 with various foods to advoid please?

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mad4myboys Thu 11-Jun-09 19:54:43

he is dairy and wheat intollerant, and there is something wrong with his tummy (under care at GOSH ongoing, not yet diagnosed) which means he cant eat meat, fish and lentils so clearly a protein thing? anyway stuggling for different foods to try for first 'mashed' dinners? I THINK he is ok with oats, he has porrige for breakfast. Is only really eating fruit and veg.

Any ideas? Am waiting for dietician appt.

kif Thu 11-Jun-09 21:53:01

Wow - that;s complicated.

Rice is the easiest food to tolerate. It can be variously lumpy as rice pudding/over cooked rice/regular rice. Can obv have it w/ fruit puree.

How about roasting a whole butternut squash and feedng straight out of the skin?

Have you thought about BLW?

My Dd did't have any serious food issues, but now she;s grown up it's clear certain foods don;t agree with her. As a baby, she didn;t like being spoon fed. So I used to give her loads of finger food. Looking back, she was very accurate at homing in on the food that agreed with her.

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