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Milk proteins in white bread?

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LteMadrid Thu 11-Jun-09 15:51:35

To all you knowledgeable ones there in the UK please help!!!

My DS milk allergy results came back much, much worse this year than last (he's just turned 2). Anyway, finally, 1 year post diagnosis with milk allergy we got given the info sheets of E numbers, what to avoid etc etc (yes I did ask a few hundred times in the year). The issue we have is that if DS has white bread, especially baguette type bread he shows allergy symptoms - dr here is telling me it'll be milk proteins, baker is telling me he's not using anything other than flour, yeast, salt and water and shop versions arent showing any of the not allowed E numbers.

So the questions:
in the Uk are you told to avoid white bread with milk allergic children?
could there be milk protein in the commercial flour?
could I be right and this is an extra issue (father borderline coeliac but DS not showing serious coeliac symptoms)?

Thoughts/suggestions would be welcomed. Pediatrician so concerned at latest results that we have referral for second opinion but it's not till end of September....

AcademicMum Thu 11-Jun-09 16:53:33

We were not told to avoid white bread, but are told to check ingredients. We were also told not to buy stuff from a bakers or deli because of the potential for cross-contamination. For example, it is possible that your baker does not use anything not "allowed" but he bakes is bread using the same baking trays as used for cakes or cookies or something which do contain milk. They are also exempt from all the allergy labelling laws applied to other foods.

TBH we have a breadmaker and make our own bread. It's just less hassle as we put the stuff in the machine before bed and set the timer so that it will be baked half an hour before breakfast.

MumOfTwoToo Thu 11-Jun-09 17:53:00

We have no problems with white bread. Even pain rustic type bread is fine. Only types we avoid are specially enriched milk bread or bread with poppy seeds or other coating as Ds is allergic to eggs and these are often coated with egg wash.

nightcat Thu 11-Jun-09 17:59:09

I'd say there is a strong possibility that this is a reaction to gluten, bearing in mind his dad's history.
Gluten is also a protein and the dairy/gluten sensitivities often go together, as molecules are similar and both depend on an immune reaction.

VelvetCushions Thu 11-Jun-09 19:16:10

Is he using soya flour too?
Sometimes the flour is mixed with soya. Is it possible your ds reacts to soya too?

LteMadrid Fri 12-Jun-09 19:46:32

Thank you for all those responses - losts internet after posting yesterday so only just got online.

The gluten issue is the real question as specialist is just lumping all together into 'milk proteins' and not considering other things (he is negative for eggs).

Soya he does have an intolerance issue so that could be the case.

Traces havent been a problem until now and he doesnt have an issue with wholemeal bread - or doesnt appear to. So that potentially messes up the gluten and traces and soya....

We are considering buying a bread maker anyway as older DS is showing possible gluten issues as well - just starting testing for liver problems or coeliac or continued lactose issues.

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