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DD2 had the peanut challenge

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hellish Mon 08-Jun-09 01:03:25

we went ahead with the challenge despite feeling nervous.

DD2 ate 16 peanuts in 4 hours and nothing happened!

VelvetCushions Mon 08-Jun-09 21:11:58

Thats fantastic!

Tell me a bit more about dd2 and her allergy. How old is she? does she have other allergies?
Ds2 is allergic to lots of things inc nuts and I love to hear positive stories smile

bridewolf Mon 08-Jun-09 21:40:15

good news!

hellish Tue 09-Jun-09 01:54:23

DD2 is 6 and had a reaction to her first peanut ever, nearly 3 years ago. She coughed, vomitted immediately, said her throat was sore and scratchy, had hives around the mouth and her eyes went bright red and watery.

She doesn't have any other allergies and doesn't have asthma, which I understand makes her a good candidate for growing out of the allergy.

She's never had another reaction, carries her Epi-Pen everywhere and we have been VERY careful to avoid all traces/ cross- contamination of peanuts for the last 3 years.

The allergist told us that she should continue to carry her Epi-Pen and avoid accidental exposure. BUT she has to eat peanuts 6/7 times in the next 2 weeks then every week for a year before they will give her the all clear.

It is so strange giving her the peanuts - like medicine!

tatt Tue 09-Jun-09 10:49:06

this is great. However I do know people whose children haven't wanted to eat the peanuts and have gone back to reacting. So keep the epipens handy and make sure she goes on eating them. If you give chocolate covered peanuts they might go down easier grin.

hellish Tue 09-Jun-09 13:36:37

'Thanks tatt. She is having peanut M&Ms, every other day.

She cried when I told her she would have to eat them regularly, but has not been upset since.
She seems to be getting used to the taste and is determined to do it, as I think she can see the potential benifits of being officially "not allergic".

Ie - ice cream man, bakery, party cakes etc.

I think she was very frightened when she first ate them, but now nothing has happened, seems fine.

BUT - I am still being very vigilant with the Epi-Pen.

I keep checking her at night in case of a delayed reaction.

wb Tue 09-Jun-09 14:38:50

Brilliant news - congrats to you and your dd. grin

BlueBumedFly Tue 09-Jun-09 20:31:27

Wonderful news Hellish! I am so happy for you.

SDD is going for her final (tadadadadadaddaaaa) challenge in a few weeks - 17 whole peanuts. Hurrah!

Keep the nuts going in though, you would not want her to resensitize for any reason.

Can I ask does she like them? SDD hates them with a passion but will have to eat them every day potentially forever. We are hoping in a few years she will be desensitized completely but she will always have to eat them.

I met a wonderful lady the other day who has to give her kids nuts regularly to avoid resensitization and she was doing all sorts with them. Putting them in cakes, cookies, goodness knows what. It is working for them!

Once again, many congrats for your very brave little DD.

hellish Tue 09-Jun-09 23:45:48

Thanks BBF - it was actually your thread that got me started on this route.

DD doesn't "like" them, but does not make a fuss. I think she is getting used to the taste and might come to like them.

Someone suggested sprinkling them on ice cream the other day, which I might try.

Good luck to your Sdd for her challenge.

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