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Food Intolerance Test ?

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js1000 Wed 03-Jun-09 11:49:01

My 16 mnth son who has severe eczema for which I have been taking hameopathic medicine without any positive results.
yesterday by recomendation of my homeopath, i got his food intolerenace test.In results, he has many food alleries fro cow milk,wheat,eggs,pulses, citrus, nuts etc.
I am wondering how accutate these tests are ? Would change your child's diet so much....he had low weight gain problem.
I am so confuse as most of our food inlc wheat and diary...


thumbwitch Thu 04-Jun-09 01:20:49

it depends on the type of test you had done = many of them are pretty inaccurate and some say that none are accurate for intolerances, only for true allergies.

Eczema is quite a common reaction to a dairy intolerance - I would start with that and remove all dairy products from his diet for 2 weeks minimum. If you keep up his protein intake from non-dairy sources, it shouldn't adversely affect his weight. If after 2 weeks you see no improvement, then take out another food as well, I would suggest wheat, again for 2 weeks. Don't reintroduce the dairy at this stage.

There are plenty of alternatives to dairy and wheat available now - look in the Free From section of the supermakets.

seeker Thu 04-Jun-09 06:01:01

What sort of test was it?

js1000 Thu 04-Jun-09 12:37:58

Thanks Thumbwitch,I was advised to switch his milk from cow to goat milk.Yesterday, I bought goat cheese,milk,yogurt etc. lets see.....My problem is that he is a very fussy eater,he only eats 5 types of food and they all have cow's milk and wheat.
yesterday, he didnt eat his dinner and in the morning because his cereal is not same, he refused to eat that too....he has been so cranky ....

Seeker, It was a blood test,she gave me results in 45 min. . I was also reading that thses tests are quite inaccurate(paid £50 for that)

seeker Thu 04-Jun-09 12:44:52

What, like a finger prick test? I think if you got the results in 45 minutes and it was done on a drop of blood by a homeopath then the chances of it being remotely reliable are pretty slim. Have you seen a paediatrician and asked for a proper allergy test?

thumbwitch Thu 04-Jun-09 13:35:31

js1000 - sometimes there is cross-reactivity between cow's and goat's milk so goat products may not be ideal as an alternative, see how you go.

If it doesn't seem to be helping you might want to try the Provamel (soya) stuff; or even Rice milk - it's quite sweet, my DS liked it before he was given cow's milk, but it lacks the protein content.

If the eczema is caused by dairy intolerance then you are likely to see rapid results when you remove it entirely from his diet.

It is a concern that he seems to only like 5 foods and that they are all either dairy or wheat-based; there is a situation (which might or might not pertain to your son) wherein the gut wall becomes more permeable than it should be, and this can allow larger molecules across the gut barrier than normal - called "leaky gut". Wheat proteins can produce substances called gliadomorphins, and dairy proteins can produce caseomorphins - these are opioid-like substances that can activate the opioid-receptors in our brains, and create a sort of "addiction" feeling to these foods. Sometimes the very things we crave are the worst things for us .

tatt Thu 04-Jun-09 16:11:28

intolerance tests aren't accurate. In fact no tests is 100% accurate but intolerance tests are generally about as good as guessing. Have you asked to see a dietician?

Your first step with eczema should be to try probiotics because there is actually some scientific evidence that that works. So try your son with live yoghurt or the little bottles of yoghurt that they drink. Even fussy eaters often like those.

If it doesn't help then excluding dairy for no more than 2 weeks would tell you if that is a problem. If it was you could try goats milk products. The proteins are sufficiently dissimilar to help quite a few people with intolerances, they are less helpful for allergies. Your gp can prescribe formula that is modified to be less allergenic - pepti junior, nutramigen or neocate. These are better than soy or rice milk as they are designed to provide the right nutrients for young children.

js1000 Thu 04-Jun-09 18:37:55

I have taken an appoinment to see GP on Tuesday and has hospital app. in July.
Thanks so much for your support.

thumbwitch Sun 07-Jun-09 01:31:34

let us know what the GP says, js1000!

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