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Can an almost 2 yo have hayfever?

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pecanpie Mon 01-Jun-09 15:53:13

Just got a call from dd's nursery. They noticed her eyes and nose have been streaming while she's been outside today. I had thought previously that she has hayfever but a friend told me that her doc said they don't get it at this young an age.

My other thought is that it might be the suncream we're using as when I used it at home yesterday she was more sniffly than usual.

Any thoughts?

Stigaloid Mon 01-Jun-09 16:07:59

My ds gets very red eyed in the summer and both Dh and I suffer from hayfever. so i think yes.

AMumInScotland Mon 01-Jun-09 16:11:48

I don't see why they shouldn't - after all they can suffer from ather allergies at this age, so why not hayfever?

mamamila Mon 01-Jun-09 16:14:13

my dd 21m has streaming nose and irritating cough outdoors and i was wondering same thing. will keep watching this thread!

magnolia74 Mon 01-Jun-09 16:15:25

ds1 is 2.5 and has had hayfever since last summer he has neoclarytin which helps alot. pop to the g.p smile

DamonBradleylovesPippi Mon 01-Jun-09 16:17:27

We are suspecting DD 14m is allergic to hay/straw/animals/something to do with all the above and fields/farm as everytime we have taken her to such places she has problem breathing. She's fine before and after. Thought the GP was going to send for an allergy test but told me we might want to wait and monitor. She did say it could definitely be an allergy.
Having said that suncream used to make my DD's eyes cry.

castlesintheair Mon 01-Jun-09 16:19:33

Children can get hayfever at a very young age. My friend's DS has had hayfever since he was a newborn.

pecanpie Mon 01-Jun-09 19:55:08

Thanks all. Really reluctant to give anti histamine but equally don't want her to suffer. Magnolia, does your ds get drowsy on the anti histmanine?

Crackopenthebaileys Mon 01-Jun-09 20:01:05

pecanpie I just took my dd (17mo) to the docs last week as I supsected hayfever. Her face would be soaking wet from runny eyes and nose, and her eyes were so red. He prescribed her piriton, she has 2.5ml before bed every night. He advised against giving it in the morning because of the drowsiness.
I have to say she has been much better, and today her eyes didn't water once during 2 hours at the park!
I would say get her checked at the doc, and follow their advice, it has worked well for us smile

AcademicMum Mon 01-Jun-09 23:04:20

Both my ds's seem to have hayfever (aged 4 and 1). DS1's is really strong (grade 5 on a RAST test for both grass and tree pollen). He had symptoms from less than a year old. Looks like ds2 is following the same trend. Unsurprising really both dp and I have hayfever for both grass and tree pollen.

magnolia74 Tue 02-Jun-09 21:53:09

no he doesn't get drowsy at all on it which is why we use smile

pecanpie Thu 04-Jun-09 13:12:57

thanks for the meds advice. i saw a natural remedy in holland and barrett this week - can't remember what it's called though.... It's a balm which goes under the nose (so not sure what happens to the eyes then...

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