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How to stop 5mo scratching?

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Leedsmum2b Fri 29-May-09 22:10:24

I would really appreciate any advice anyone can offer. My dd, who is 5 months old, has some sore patches on her legs - the aftermath of a nasty rash and consequent dry/broken skin. It's been a few weeks now and they haven't healed, because she scratches her legs with her fingers whenever her clothes are off, and constantly rubs her feet hard against each opposite leg. I'm using loads of moisturiser (Aveeno) and a little Sudocrem to try and get the skin to heal, and I'm putting lots of layers of clothing on her legs to try and protect them, but without success. She is obviously far too young to be told not to scratch!

Does anyone know any way to protect her legs and give them a chance to heal? E.g. are there any sticking plasters that are OK to use on babies?

Going to bed now (we are not managing much sleep, but that's another story!) but will check back tomorrow - thanks in advance for any help.

DesperateHousewifeToo Fri 29-May-09 22:22:02

I used to put socks on ds' hands when he was about that age to stop him scratching so much.

He had excema (from food allergies, as it turned out) and this seemed to help.

My excema experience is very limited (hopefully someone else will come along) but could you slather on loads of cream and then put her in leggings to protect her.

Ds had to have hydrocortisone cream on some areas that would not clear up. Luckily the hydrocortisone helped clear it up very quickley- overnight soemtimes.

jumpingjojo Sat 30-May-09 12:09:33

Hi Leedsmum,
I feel for you as due to eczema we have major scratching issues too. The eczema is getting better but our 7mth ds is still scratching - and uses his toe nails to get behind his knees ! I bought some sock ons from jojomamanbebe. I thought they were a bit of a rip off at £4 but have proved to be very good at keeping those socks on. &branch=&wcategory=CAT00241&catdesc=&super=0020BRN00041~0010BRN00047~0110CAT00241&treecode=TRE00009
He also manages to undo the leg poppers on his babygros at night so we put another pair of pyjama bottoms on over the top. Didn't do it last night as was so warm but just had the pj's on and that seemed to be ok.
I have tried various ways to stop his little hands reaching to scratch and have resorted to swaddling him in a huge muslin. It does help though, again, last night was too hot so neither of us got much sleep.

3littlefrogs Sat 30-May-09 12:34:53

I used to sew socks to the sleeves and legs of babygros. But I can see how that might be too hot in some situations. Do check that the eczema is not infected though - we had that and it didn't clear up until dd had a course of antibiotics.

I wouldn't use sticking plasters BTW - just irritate the skin more.

Also, don't use bio. powder or fabric softener.

Leedsmum2b Sat 30-May-09 19:27:26

Thanks very much for the advice.
Desperate - I haven't tried hydrocortisone, that might well be a good next step.
Jojo - those sock-ons look good - socks are only staying on for a few minutes at present, so that would be a big help!
3littlefrogs - I did wonder whether plasters would help or hinder, so will steer clear. We have just finished a course of antibiotics so I don't think infection is the problem, just this endless scratching that gives the skin no chance to heal!

Thanks again for your help, and here's hoping for itch free times for all our LOs wink

defeatedcobweb Mon 01-Jun-09 14:48:48

Try after many periods of sleeplessness I found ths company and my daughter has been sleeping much better ever since! She still wears the mitten t-shirts every night and she is now 8. they have range of clothes for all ages although quite expensive, worth the price for a happy child (and parents!).

girlsyearapart Sat 20-Jun-09 07:28:28

hi my 9 month old has had BAD eczema from about 8 weeks we have found cotton leggings good as she can't get her toenails up inside to scratch her legs. Socks intended for older children so that they go all the way to the top of her arm. Baby scratch mitts sewn onto cotton babygros. A company called Snugglepaws sell more reasonably priced clothing we have got her babygros with covered hands and seams on outside also a top which poppers up at the back to put on over her other clothes in the car. Always better than pulling over to replace socks/mop up blood etc! Also a fan on her at night time. Good luck hope this helps.

ABetaDad Sat 20-Jun-09 08:29:12

Leedsmum2b - DS2 had very dry skin and eczema and we used Sudocreme as others on here said. However, one thing we did find and especially in summer was that keeping him really cool was also a good way to stop the scratching.

We also stoppped bathing him and just gave him a quick shower with one of those little hand held shower attached to the bath tap. Care with scolding though (always keep your hand under the water and allow it to run off on to her).

BlueBumedFly Sat 20-Jun-09 13:34:02

I always find Sudocrem makes my DDs itches worse. The doc gave us cetraben which works a treat every time. Aveno also does nothing for DD in fact it can make her even drier for some reason. Odd child wink

MadameDefarge Sat 20-Jun-09 13:41:14

I have recently discovered e45 anti-itch cream for myself, it says it can be used by children.

it has been a MIRACLE! do please check if you can use it on small babies, but I can say hand on heart, having been a child afflicted with eczema, and through my whole life, this has really been a revelation.

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