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excema cure

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roneef Sun 24-May-09 22:46:11

My daughter had really bad excema from about 4 months to 1 - 1.5 years. It disappeared overnight with this treatment.

We were in utter despair, for ourselves,
(no sleep, anxiety, peoples awful comments)and the poor babys suffering. We tried lots of things, as you do.

Miracle cure worked within a week. Basically you get curry leaves. You can get them from any asian grocery shop. They came in a big plastic packet. Boil a good handful in a big pot. Let it cool.

After bathing your child. Stand them up and from a clean bucket poor this liquid over them. It should be the last thing your child is rinsed in.

Dry them thoroughly and apply usual moisturiser. I used aveeno.

This worked in a week. He had perfect skin. The person who told me had a little boy with the WORST excema . He is a totally different boy, really beautiful skin.

Recently I heard its an ancient ayurvedic cure. All I know is it helped us and several other people.

I really hope this helps others with excema. Would love to know if it works for anyone else.

bridewolf Sun 24-May-09 23:30:18

how many times a day did you do this?

roneef Mon 25-May-09 22:05:11

Just once. For a week. It really worked!!

It can't do any harm can it?

pointydog Mon 25-May-09 22:15:58

how bizarre

roneef Tue 26-May-09 09:36:49

It might seem bizarre to you but it definitely works.

Only a parent with a child suffering from severe excema would understand the need to try ANYTHING that might work.

Emmaroo Tue 26-May-09 11:21:41

Good for you for giving it a go. I would like to recommend a cream for all skin conditions. Its easy to make up. Get a base cream. Sorbolene is ok I guess, I recommend you go to a health food shop and buy a tub of natural base cream - this has no synthetics in it so therefore will soak into the skin easily. Sorbolene i find tends to sit on top of the skin. Anyway - to 50ml of base cream add 6-10 drops of patchouli essential oil - also found at the health food shop. Some people find this oil a bit pungent and strong but if you apply it before bed no-one will be about to complain to you. Its a great deodoriser and is great for dry skin and ive found out - excema and itchy skin.

pointydog Tue 26-May-09 17:49:46

It definitely works? For how many people with severe eczema? Very very few, I'd bet. And I do have a child with severe eczema and I have tried crazy things but none quite so ridiculous as this.

roneef Tue 26-May-09 17:52:22

You can't say it works occasionally because YOU haven't tried it.

You speak from ignorance.

roneef Tue 26-May-09 17:58:11

I really don't understand what is so ridiculous.....

I worked smile

roneef Tue 26-May-09 17:58:44

I meant 'it'. Sorry!!

pointydog Tue 26-May-09 17:58:52

erm, I can.

I am just coming to the end of a dairy free diet because someone strongly recommended it even though I was dubious. I realise that dairy free does work for around 1 in 10. I also did it so that every time someone tells me in future how it 'definitely works' I can tell them that is untrue. Just as this ridiculous claim is untrue.

I have bought the anti-dust mite mattress, duvet and pillow protectors, I have used most emollients including aveeno which so many people claim to be almost a miracle cure and I have used dead sea salts in teh bath (for dd2).

I have had a child with severe eczema for over 10 years.

I can say bollocks, if I want, to curry leaves.

Kayteee Tue 26-May-09 18:01:26

Pointydog...what an impolite post! hmm

Roneef, thanks for sharing this. I have a few patches of really annoying eczema. Am going to try your doesn't sound ridiculous atall. Some people have cured theirs using urine.

I will return in a week with results grin

roneef Tue 26-May-09 18:03:18

You are obviously a rude person so say bollocks as much as you want sweety.

As for the curry leaves - they definitely worked for us.

I for one think you should work a bit harder to alleviate your childs 'severe' excema and less time putting others down.

pointydog Tue 26-May-09 18:23:01

It's that smug attitude of 'you should work a bit harder to help your child' that has so many people wringing their hands with guilt and running themselves ragged, trying every blessed thing going.

Kayteee Tue 26-May-09 18:35:33


I don't think OP had a "smug attitude", she has stumbled across a cure which has worked for her and wants, very kindly, to share it. What's smug about that?

You don't need to even read the post, let alone try it, why be so unpleasant?

Dior Tue 26-May-09 18:37:51

Pointy shock.

pointydog Tue 26-May-09 18:38:26

"I for one think you should work a bit harder to alleviate your childs 'severe' excema"

So that isn't smug?

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 26-May-09 18:39:37

pointy come away mate

pointydog Tue 26-May-09 18:41:15

look, all I said was 'how bizarre'. A reasonable comment. It is bizarre but it might work for one or two.

Then the reply was 'it definitely eworks'

Now that annoyed me. Precisely because I have got a child with severe eczema.

I have had my fill of potty remedies and I can't help expressing my opinion any more.

pointydog Tue 26-May-09 18:44:04

ACtually, I was at a medieval fair at the weekend and I heard a new cure.

In medieval times, people would go to a public execution and gather the swaeta from the dead person's body to rub on their child with bad skin. 'Death sweat' was said to be a cure for eczema.

Varying degrees of ridiculousness, I suppose.

Kayteee Tue 26-May-09 18:44:29

You expressed them...well done. I'm off to buy some curry leaves grin

curlygal Tue 26-May-09 18:47:59

Can I ask how long ago you did this and how the skin has been since?

What are you using to wash with now? and are you still applying topical mosturiesers as well or is it a complete cure start using bubble bath type cure?

roneef Tue 26-May-09 18:52:16

Pointy - You have such a chip on your shoulder...I have seen you posts before.


How can you possibly comment.

Why not just say that you wouldn't be seen dead purchasing curry leaves...

As far as I can see that is the only thing people in RL seem to have a problem with.shock

I suppose the cure is a bit too asian for some.

littlelamb Tue 26-May-09 18:53:56

A bit too asian???

roneef Tue 26-May-09 18:54:54


She is six now.

Basically the 'rawness'(if thats a word)disappeared within a week.

After that, to this day actually I use balneam plus bath oil and aveeno moisturiser.

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