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New gluten free bread - Genius!

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DottyDot Thu 21-May-09 20:08:25

Flipping heck - I've just tried the gluten free bread called Genius and it's not half bad! grin About a gazillion times better than Gluafin rubbish and almost like ordinary bread - especially after 20 seconds refresh in the microwave.

Felt good after 3 years of no bread..!

CMOTdibbler Thu 21-May-09 20:31:23

I bought some this week after two gf people recommended it.

Reader, it was so good I made a sandwich and took it with me to work.

After 11 years GF, this is a first grin

merryberry Thu 21-May-09 21:16:20

oh good! hope i can source it ok, where's your's from?

AbricotsSecs Thu 21-May-09 21:18:03

Message withdrawn

AbricotsSecs Thu 21-May-09 21:19:15

Message withdrawn

CMOTdibbler Thu 21-May-09 21:25:27

Tescos are the sole stockist I think.

I've been a DS multigrain eater for a long time. This is faar nicer. Twas still moist and uncrumbly at the end of a long day in my sandwich box

Mistymoo Thu 21-May-09 21:30:03

there's an offer on at the moment to get 50p off but you need to know the publication it was in. Any ideas?

DottyDot Thu 21-May-09 22:43:27

yes, Tescos is the sole stockists and sorry not sure about 50p off voucher.

I've heard lots of Tescos are sold out but the big one at Portwood in Stockport has got it if you're anywhere near..!

all we need now are decent GF bagels/croissants/crumpets and we're there...

AbricotsSecs Fri 22-May-09 00:01:45

Message withdrawn

thumbwitch Fri 22-May-09 00:13:54

ooh, have you lot tried the Ener-G gluten free bread? I haven't tried the one you are talking about, will give it a go, but I use the Ener-G stuff and it's pretty good. Have to be careful not to accidentally pick up the brown rice loaf, which is still like a brick.

Big Waitrose shops stock it, apparently so do some Tesco stores but I've never seen it in Tesco.

LadyG Fri 22-May-09 00:15:10

Have just done online shop just for this. If tis true will change my life (DS coeliac starting school in September-was not looking forward to the packed lunch thing)

CMOTdibbler Fri 22-May-09 10:18:35

LadyG - the gf pitta breads are great for packed lunches too.

And can I recommend the and mixes&tsg=Bread Mix&ID=1008&prodinfo=true&prodID=1008&ThisCode=BRF001&showsg=Flours and mixes Brazilian cheese bread as a change ? It makes little cheesy rolls and is gorgeous. Makes a fab pizza base (soft and bendy and moist) too

I can't abide that EnerG bread TW

AbricotsSecs Fri 22-May-09 10:51:01

Message withdrawn

thumbwitch Fri 22-May-09 15:36:01

ah well, it's so long since I had real bread that I don't mind it! DS likes it too.

AbricotsSecs Fri 22-May-09 21:39:53

Message withdrawn

Noonki Fri 22-May-09 21:48:41

before I get too excited....

it's not one of those 'gluten-free' but made of wheat breads is it?

AbricotsSecs Fri 22-May-09 22:31:39

Message withdrawn

Noonki Sat 23-May-09 21:01:06


now just have to find a place with some left!

Noonki Sat 23-May-09 21:01:06


now just have to find a place with some left!

LadyG Tue 02-Jun-09 23:43:25

CMOT dibbler thank you very much! I will try the cheese bread (DS is a cheese monster). And Noonki-I couldn't found it in our local Tescos and found it in only 1 of 3 Tescos we tried while on holiday in Pembrokeshire over half term but managed to score 2 loaves from Tesco online with no problems. It is fab. I have tried the recipe in her (Lucinda Bryce Gordon-woman behind Genius) allergy cookbook which is similar but it came out rather too doorstop-like. May go back and experiment with it a bit now-will post the recipe if I hit paydirt!

merryberry Tue 16-Jun-09 22:11:16

yup, finally found some. that's head and shoulders better than any other i've tried.

AbricotsSecs Wed 01-Jul-09 17:31:44

Message withdrawn

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