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allergies and heavy metal de-tox, anyone tried it?

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ecomum Thu 05-May-05 00:09:24


I read that allergies and also ADHD could be caused by high levels of heavy metals in the body which prevent absorption of essential fatty acids.

I think there must be something in this - there could well be a link between the levels of environmental pollution we are exposed to in our modern lifestyles (plus exposure to mercury in fillings, vaccines etc) and the huge increase in the number of people with allergies over the past 20/30 years

Apparently levels of heavy metals in the body can be determined through hair analysis, although the Bitish Allergy Foundation website says that this method is not reliable.

Some nutritionists say that a detox diet, plus taking supplements of zinc and omega 369 oils can help.

My 10 month old DS has eczema, with severe allergic reactions (so far) to milk and also salicylates in fruit and veg. No doubt there will more food allergies to come!

Has anyone out there had hair mineral analysis done(for themselves or their children) or tried to detox to eliminate heavy metals? If so did it work?

I am intrigued to know . . .


ruty Sun 08-May-05 12:32:22

i am also interested in this, but shame no one can provide any info. My ds has a leaky gut and is dairy allergic, i often wonder about the mercury from my fillings causing problems. I ate quite a bit of fish [salmon] when pregnant. i might look into hair analysis, but as far as i understand, metal sensitive children excrete less than normal children in their hair, so levels likey to be low if sensitive.

lunachic Mon 06-Jun-05 10:28:49

bumping this for my friend ecomum

does anyone have any info ?

hi ecomum !

NatureDoc Mon 06-Jun-05 21:37:31

I have put tons of people on heavy metal detoxes (garlic, vit B complex etc or homepathic detox)and have found the results of hair analysis invaluable in controlling ADD and ADHD etc - fermented raw cabbage juice (!) is an easy way to heal leaky gut..... and can be hidden in fruit juice easily even for young kids. A good naturopathic iridologist can assist you in whether you need to do this - good people in your area can be found on or Best of luck

lunachic Mon 06-Jun-05 21:50:59

thanks naturedoc
we live in an area with a lot of natural therapists so it will be interesting to look at the site
not sure if ecomums dd can have cabbage are there any other foods that are effective ?
one last thing please naturedoc.(if you dont mind!) what do you know about homeopathic medicine used for allergy control ?
would be intrested to know more about this
thanks again

lunachic Mon 06-Jun-05 21:51:40

sorry meant your ds ecomum!

ruty Tue 07-Jun-05 09:20:36

naturedoc v interesting about fermented cabbage juice, hadn't heard that one! Will look into getting a naturopath.

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