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ECZEMA - can anyone recommend night clothes that won't affect DS's skin?

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oysterpots Sun 17-May-09 15:20:40

DS has eczema and often wakes in the night scratching his tummy. I've tried various combinations of pyjamas, sleep suits, baby grows etc - he's 21 mo so won't have babygro options for much longer, so I'm trying to research other options.

Can anyone recommend an all in one suit with poppers that won't aggravate his skin? Prepared to shell out a bit more than usual as it hurts my heart to see his tummy ripped to shreds every morning

morethanyoubargainfor Sun 17-May-09 15:36:51

have you tried the eczema childrens sleep wera company?

MoominMymbleandMy Sun 17-May-09 15:53:41

I second the pyjamas from eczema clothing. They are expensive but we have found them to be worth every penny with our DS (18 months).

misdee Sun 17-May-09 15:55:25

also, sometimes vertabet (sp) have rear poppered sleepsuits for upto around age 4 IIRC

chegirl Sun 17-May-09 17:57:16

Is eczema clothing the same as cotton comforts?

If so I would recommend too. It is expensive but lasts for ages and they do have sales.

I have been using their all in ones for years. DS2 has severe eczema.

MoominMymbleandMy Sun 17-May-09 18:03:32

Yes, eczema clothing is the cotton comfort stuff.

chegirl Sun 17-May-09 18:30:43

Thank you smile.

I got a backpayment of my DS's disability living allowance and I used it to stock up. The stuff lasts for ages (although my little darling chewed through the hands).

He asks to wear his special PJs when his skin is very bad.

TBH you can get away with a couple of pairs. They can be hot washed and dried over and over.

kezboosnez Sun 17-May-09 22:17:53

hi we have just got derma silk pjs on precription from the doctor grin think u can also get other items of clothing

oysterpots Mon 18-May-09 14:06:30

That is just the sort of thing I'm after, thanks all. Will order myself a catalogue

roneef Sat 23-May-09 18:15:00

Hi I'm new here, getting used to the place.
My daughter had really baad excema from about 4 months to 1 - 1.5 years. It disappeared overnight.

We were in utter despair, for ourselves,
(no sleep, anxiety, peoples awful comments)and the poor babys suffering. We tried lots of things, as you do.

Miracle cure worked within a week. Basically you get curry leaves. You can get them from any asian grocery shop. They came in a big plastic packet. Boil a good handful in a big pot. Let it cool.

After bathing your child. Stand them up and from a clean bucket poor this liquid over them. It should be the last thing your child is rinsed in.

Dry them thoroughly and apply usual moisturiser. I used aveeno.

This worked in a week. He had perfect skin. The person who told me had a little boy with the WORST excema .

After this I heard its an ancient ayurvedic cure. All I know is it helped us and several other people.


girlsyearapart Wed 24-Jun-09 22:41:18

Try company called Snugglepaws they are more reasonably priced than other specialist clothing companies and also have separate tops and bottoms as well as babygros so you could mix and match a bit.

overthemill Wed 24-Jun-09 22:45:57

cotton comfort brand is fantastic. we had two sets and washed each day. never ever wore out. my tip is wash clothes normally then once more with no detergent and once a week run your msachine empty at 90 deg with full detergent to clean out machine from all the products.

chegirl Wed 24-Jun-09 23:18:31

I love cotton comforts aka eczema clothing. They are very expensive but I use my DS's DLA to stock up. They last for ages (except my DS chewed through the hands)

A cheaper option is H&M they do big all in ones for £9.99. They dont have hands included but you could sew some mits on.

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