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Play Centre Allergy Rant

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bobbybob Mon 02-May-05 02:37:31

I have finally found a Play Centre which will take my ds's allergies seriously. I stay with him, there are no latex gloves, balloons, peanuts etc.

Today somebody brought 2 balloons in when picking up their child for the clean up. During clean up all the children sing songs with a staff member while we all do a job. So ds is unattended by me for a whole 10 minutes, which was the 10 minutes the balloons appeared.

I zoomed across the room to pick up ds, and called to another mum to remove the balloons. The girl who was playing with them then had a total melt down, it went on for over 20 minutes, it was still going on as I left. I got evil looks from her mother - presumably she had brought in the balloons.

So it seems everyone understands about bob's allergies right up until the point that it makes their own life a tiny bit difficult.

Saacsmum Mon 02-May-05 03:28:42

Hi, hows things, could the playcenter put an article in their newsletter to help other parents understand? I think it is just ignorance of how serious allergies can be that causes these incidents.

debs26 Mon 02-May-05 07:59:25

did you tell her why they needed removing? if i didnt know i would be a bit annoyed and as i have no experience of latex allergy it would not occur to me thats why you wanted rid, im afraid i would just assume you were being neurotic (please dont take offence, just an honest opinion from someone who has luckily never had to think about these things). if i knew what the problem was i would have no problem with losing the balloon

misdee Mon 02-May-05 08:25:40

maybe the play centre can put a sign up stating very clearly that no balloons, peanuts etc to be bought it as they have a child with severe allergies there.

Mud Mon 02-May-05 08:29:44

agree with debs and misdee

maybe the mother didn't realise and just thought that bob was frightened of balloons and you were overreacting. I think it may well be your duty to seek out the mother and explain why you had to do what you did

Fran1 Mon 02-May-05 08:40:46

I agree with debs26.

You can't expect people to know why you want them removed.

I would have spoke to the mum who brought in the balloons and explained the situation. Then i'm sure nobody would be giving you evil looks.

What allergic reactions does your son get?

misdee Mon 02-May-05 08:43:08

bob has very serious allergies IIRC. not saying what u did was wrong bobbybob, but i know you've had problems with bobs allergies before and people taking it seriously. hope you feel better soon, must have been very scary. how is the little mans eczema?

starlover Mon 02-May-05 08:44:09

I know what you mean about the woman not knowing WHY bobbybob wanted the balloons removed...
BUT, surely a member of staff must have seen them arrive, and knowing her son's allergies they should have said something!

ghosty Mon 02-May-05 09:24:57

Yup, I have met bobbybob and the delightful Bob and he is very allergic ... face blows up near balloons, terrible eczema and reactions to a lot of food as a baby IIRC ... and bobbybob has worked hard to find a playgroup/daycare/playcentre that understands ...
So I am on your behalf bobbybob ... poor you ...
How far did the playcentre go to let parents know of Bob's allergies? If they have done a decent job then that mother was just plain stupid ... if they haven't then I agree with Mud that you will have to have a word with the mother and tell her why it was such a problem.

bobbybob Mon 02-May-05 09:30:27

The Playcentre has told all parents that there is a child with a latex allergy and that means no balloons or PVA glue on a Monday.

The look was a sort of "well if you can't be around these things then maybe you should both stay at home so my little angel doesn't have to suffer this huge disappointment." It's amazing what can go into a look.

I think I need to provide a sentence for mothers and staff to say when they ask for stuff they can't have on Monday. "We can't have that near Bob, it makes him very sick and he would have to go to hospital. We can have it tomorrow."

debs26 Mon 02-May-05 09:36:43

if she knew she is a heartless cow and doesnt deserve to be around you or your lovely son. it should have been you giving the evil looks. i would still go and talk to her. expalin why you needed the balloons removed as she may not know (i have a tendancy to miss important announcements - seem to permanently have my head in the clouds somedays) and if she did know you just might shame her into being more thoughtful in future. find it hard to beleive someone would be so horrid

bobbybob Mon 02-May-05 10:04:44

I think the mother was annoyed that Bob was fine after I had rugby tackled him to prevent him getting near the balloons, and he just went back to playing, whereas she had to deal with a full on tantrum. Bob is well used to not having lots of things, he now reels off a list 'Bob can't have eggs, make him sick, go to hospital. Bob can't have balloons, make him sick, go to hospital... Bob need special food, no sick, no hospital'. Actually maybe I should get Bob to talk to her, he can do it with absolute reliance on the facts and a matter of factness I only wish I had.

bobbybob Mon 02-May-05 10:05:43

Hi Misdee,

Bob's skin in excellent now. Which is a mixed blessing because he no longer looks allergic and so people forget.

misdee Mon 02-May-05 10:06:11

hope he is ok bobbybob. and he sounds like such a lovely little boy.

onlyjoking9329 Mon 02-May-05 10:31:07

my sympathys, people gererally dont get it, i have the latex nightmare allery too, my twin girls have been invited to a party next week they have an entertainer who will be doing balloon modelling, so as my girls have autism and little understanding it means i will have to get someone else to take then to the party stay with them at the party then, take the balloon animals off them before they come home, i mean what is it with balloons, have noticed recently they have had them in a bathroom showroom a big chain of wood floor shops and even car showrooms, not to mention the dreaded bear factory and pizza hut, i agree a notice needs to be given out to people at play place and needs to be signed to say they have read it, good luck

bobbybob Mon 02-May-05 20:35:14

Couldn't even go to the mall at christmas with him. Balloons absolutely everywhere.

Even the Allergy society here in NZ have had allergy awareness week this week - "take a red balloon to school if you have an allergy"

onlyjoking9329 Mon 02-May-05 20:42:43

oh dear i think they somewhat missed the point didn't they.

misdee Mon 02-May-05 20:46:55

d'oh. doesnt bob go to nursery? can u make sure no child brings red balloons in that week.

ghosty Tue 03-May-05 00:49:18

Oh bobbybob ... that is awful re. balloons for allergy awareness

bobbybob Tue 03-May-05 00:51:41

They wouldn't get the balloons past the front gate if they tried, but I will warn them when I drop him off today.

Not surprisingly we have decided not to celebrate allergy awareness week, but a very strong letter has been sent pointing out that my subs helped to pay for a campaign my son can have no part of.

I am waiting for the third thing to go wrong...

ghosty Tue 03-May-05 01:11:59

Oh bobbybob ... not having a great week are you?

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