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I seem to have cured my DS's Eczema!!!! yippeeeeeee!

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PoopyNappy Sun 01-May-05 22:41:50

After months of a horrible red sore weepy Eczema on my DS face around his mouth it seems to have gone....(touching wood that it never returns).

DS is now 11 1/2 months, so I changed a number of things over the last 2 weeks.

1)Stopped using steriod (HC) cream and Aveeno as it just seemed to make it worse and more angry not better.
2)Got out the Germoline and put that on the sores and put vasaline over he top to stop the skin drying out.
3)Changed his milk to C&G Follow on milk, and so far cut out Weetabix & pasta.
4)Started home cooked meals again and threw out the jars of baby food.

In 2 days of giving home cooked meals (Chicken Casserole and Fish Lionaise) for evening and lunch plus normal deserts plus the Germoline/Vasaline's gone.
I'm stunned!

Will leave it a few weeks and will try to re-introduce Weetabix and Pasta again in about 4 weeks and see what happens.

I just thought it was worth sharing the info as it's been a process of elimination to finally crack it.

Hope this helps someone


MarsLady Sun 01-May-05 22:45:42

I cut DT1's wheat intake down and the eczema patches cleared.

rickman Sun 01-May-05 22:56:35

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Sun 01-May-05 23:07:29

I was giving the DTs weetabix for brekkie. Now I give rolled oats with fruit. I cut down the pasta to once a week. I give lots of water. I didn't cut down on the dairy though. But I do try to give as much fruit as I can and I cook their meals myself. I don't use jars, except for the fruit pots. Very handy. DT1 came out in eczema really badly after a couple of days eating pasta and that's what made me cut it down.

MarsLady Sun 01-May-05 23:09:07

They eat lots of rice and potatoes. I also cut out the fruit pots that had wheat in them. I haven't followed any dietary guide. I thought that I would see what worked. It seems to be working, so it's what I'm doing. She does have pasta now, but I've noticed that if she has it more than once a week patches reappear.

Chandra Sun 01-May-05 23:23:53

It's great to hear it has worked. It's so difficult with eczema, as every case is as different as the child that has it.

In our case Aveeno has been a godsent, vaseline made it worse, and although we always cooked organic home made food for DS, the eczema stayed, but I have to agree with you about C&G formula. We saw some slight improvement in his skin and constipation since we stopped using it.

MarsLady Sun 01-May-05 23:25:36

hi Chandra I see you on so many threads and you've even said that you would like to meet me and I never say hi. How rude

so, HI!

Chandra Sun 01-May-05 23:33:12

oh! Hi!

jeweljilliancaitlin Mon 02-May-05 00:03:47

Some things works for different kids & sometimes they dont.Both DS have eczema & I've tried all of the above. We find that not using NONE perfume bubble bath tends to work for our girls & vaseline which the pediatrician recommended is also wonderful.To each' own.

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