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dust mites +beds

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Kibby Sun 01-May-05 13:29:36

my husband has a bad dust mite allergy and yesterday we went out to buya new bed with a slatted base. We bought an old fashioned brass style bedframes but have just realised that because it's slatted base rather than the box -type in the shop it might well look a bit odd. Does anyone know if we'd be alright with the other type of base or should we go for another type of bedframe altogether

Furball Sun 01-May-05 14:14:11

Why might it look odd? Is there a picture of something similar on the net you could post a link to? If you are not sure what about a pine one?

We have a slumberland latex matress and dunlop latex pillows which are supposed to inhibit mites.

suedonim Sun 01-May-05 14:35:17

What about this allergy asthma bed? Though it's blummin' pricey.

Kibby Sun 01-May-05 18:49:34

sorted it out, bought the box base to put mattress ont op of to raise the area - thanks for all your help

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