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oat bath for eczema

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jumpingjojo Wed 29-Apr-09 20:01:47

My 5month old ds has eczema and I am just trying the oat bath idea instead of oilatum as I haven't seen much improvement with it. But I just wondered - do the oats still clean or should I be using some other soap substitute as well ?

HellHathNoFury Wed 29-Apr-09 20:14:05

Erm... I don't think they clean, no, I think they just provide relief.

My DS gets terrible eczema, we have it under control but using Halos'n'horns products - it takes a week or so of using but he doesn't have a patch on him now.

It can still flare up but I have every confidence in the product, and they aren't at all expensive.

bran Wed 29-Apr-09 20:18:38

You don't really need to clean them with detergents unless they've managed to get themselves covered in something other than food and bodily excretions. I only use soap on DS (nearly 5yo) to wash his hands after using the loo and occasionally if he's got paint/glue/other stuff that doesn't come off after a rub with a sponge.

If oats help your DS then Aveeno bath oil with oats might be worth trying. It goes in the bath, but we also use it on DS if he has a shower.

vonsudenfed Wed 29-Apr-09 20:21:04

Agree with bran - Aveeno has the extract of oats - both the bath oil and the cream - and is much easier to use! We just rub DD down with a flannel and the bathwater and she seems fairly clean to me.

Also, if it works, try and get your doctor to prescribe Aveeno, they can do it - we get both on prescription, but it took a bit of trying.

gingerolivia Wed 29-Apr-09 20:21:10

Hi, my dd started after i stopped breastfeeding, ive found the aveeno range works best for us, its full of oats they do a bath oil and body cream, i think this cleans - i dont use anything else and she doesnt smell!! She is 1 now and it seems under control only flaring up bad with illness . Good luck

artifarti Wed 29-Apr-09 20:21:35

We found the oats helped a lot - and if you put them in a muslin then you can use the muslin as a sort of sponge IYSWIM. I never add anything else (DS is 8 months now). We have now graduated onto the Aveeno bath oil that Bran mentions.

laura3737 Wed 29-Apr-09 20:32:43

Hi there, my son who has just turned 2 also has really bad eczema. We only use Emulsifying ointment to wash him with and Oilatum plus in the bath - both you can get on prescription.

Good luck I hope you find something that helps but it can be a long slow process. We were lucky and got referred to the hospital and had a lot of support from their dermatology unit. Keep pestering your doctor until you are happy with your creams for your little one

jumpingjojo Thu 30-Apr-09 17:32:02

Thanks for all your advice, I will look into getting the aveeno on presciption I think.
We have been using the same stuff for over a month now with little to show for it. Was hoping for a quicker solution but as you say, Laura, I think I need to be patient as it may be a long process in finding what works for him.

sammysamsam Thu 30-Apr-09 18:03:03

Hiya, my son also had/has eczema- with the oat bath- we used to put the oats in a muslin pouch and leave it to soak or about half an hour and squeeze the life out it in baby's bath water before putting him in- it worked very well.. but aveeno on the other did not..tried oilatum, emulsifying oitment, nothing seems to calm it down.

BlueBumedFly Thu 30-Apr-09 21:27:31

Has anyone else tried Lavender Oil? We use essential lavender oil in the bath, just a few drops and it works to ward off too many flare ups.

I have never tried oats but as she had a hideous reaction to soltan this week I might try it tomorrow to get it under control.

Have never tried Halos'n'horns either but am going ot google them now.

silkcushion Thu 30-Apr-09 21:32:28

Hi JoJO - IME you need to try lots of things before finding something that suits - it appears that every child is different.

My dd 17mo is currently bathed in oilatum and moisturised with aveeno cream. After a few months some things may also inexplicably stop working.

There is light at the end of the tunnel once you get it under control - she is so much better now than when she was as small as your little one.

Good luck

HellHathNoFury Fri 01-May-09 13:08:46

Said it before but Halos'n'horns calmed DS's eczema right down (I was sceptical when I first saw it, but I wanted something a bit more 'shampooey' than oats, aveeno etc as he got older...)

Now I stockpile it!
It has calmed down sunscreen allergy rashes and eczema all within a few days.

I can't find fault with it really, even the £ is good... and last time I looked you could get it from Costco too for those that shop there!

ruddynorah Fri 01-May-09 13:14:14

i used to use the sock with the oats in as a sponge. now she's older her skin will tolerate halos n horns.

FirstTimeMother1 Tue 25-Aug-09 16:49:07

Hi Guys, I'm having a terrible time with my 10month baby boy. He developed excema at 6months. May be a food allergy but we've tried removing foods but nothing seems to make a differnce. We dont use anything but oilatum wash and cream..were tring the aqueous cream at the momet and have also tried cetraben cream..nothing really works. He seems to constantly flare up. Its getting to the stage were he cant sleep..just itches at his ankles and behind his knees the most. Were trying the oats at the moment, doesnt anyone know if I should use the oilatum wash and the oats in his bath water or just the oats??

Any recommendations would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you for your support.

yarrow5 Tue 25-Aug-09 20:10:39

hi, nothing new to add, just another experience of Aveeno. ds started with eczema at around 3 months & nothing worked until we were prescribed aveeno. wonderful stuff. cleared it up almost overnight. i don't use anything special in the bath and wash him with normal johnsons babybath. i use the cream morning and night. if i try to cut it down to 1 application a day, the eczema comes back!

alypaly Wed 09-Sep-09 23:45:46

you can use emulsifying ointment as a soap substitute. It is messy ,but its what the doctors recommend

Legigi Wed 06-Nov-13 17:59:04

Our dermatologist told us that recent studies have shown that aveeno can make severe eczema worse in the long term.

Busybee163 Mon 25-Nov-13 15:21:40

Oatmeal baths are absolutely fantastic! Couldn't agree with them more. I love a good ol fashioned natural remedy. Found a great blog for alt oat baths smile

Nosleepnotme Sun 01-Dec-13 21:29:59

Oatmeal is amazing but also try creams with oat extract. Aveeno is the well known one but it contains petrochemicals. i would recommend a more natural cream like Dry2Alive. its 98% natural and can be used from birth. It is very soothing for my DD and she has been sleeping better recently. its made in the UK.

luvchild Sat 26-Mar-16 02:51:38

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