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How do I make up Nutramigen (water temperature)?

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Sheilsie Wed 15-Apr-09 22:56:27

I was today prescribed Nutramigen for my daughter Anna, who took an allergic reaction to Aptamil (I'm try to move her at least partly onto formula, as I return to work next month). On the tin it says to boil fresh water and let it cool to room temperature prior to mixing. Assuming that "room temperature" means around 20 degrees celsius or less, this seems much cooler than what is instructed for more standard formula (over 70 degrees?). I just wanted to check that people do actually let the water cool down that much. Also, what temperature do you serve it at? Would it be OK to heat it up to body temperature? Thanks

ilovemydogandMrObama Wed 15-Apr-09 23:01:16

They showed me at Children's Hospital how to make it, and in the formula kitchen, they waited 20 minutes after boiling it.

spotofcheerfulness Wed 15-Apr-09 23:05:27

hi there, my ds has been on it for a few months now, we make up a batch of bottles of boiled water, let it cool to room temp then add the powder and hey presto. luckily he doesn't mind drinking it at room temp so no need to heat up and it makes things like travelling much easier as we just use one of those formula compartment thingies and make it up with the water as we go along. i wasn't sure at first as all the other formulas say 70 degrees but i figure it's best to follow the instructions on the tin!

trixymalixy Thu 16-Apr-09 00:05:05

info on temperature here

It looks like you should make up the formula and use it within 30 minutes of boiling the water otherwise there's a risk.

In practise most people I know fill the bottles for a day with boiled water and then put them in the fridge and then add the formula powder as and when needed and then reheat.

Sorry don't know if that really helps!!

trixymalixy Thu 16-Apr-09 00:14:07

DOH guidelines here although these do say that you can make it up from cooled water if necessary although it is best to use water over 70 degrees.

spotofcheerfulness Thu 16-Apr-09 07:21:07

I saw those guidelines as well but I wonder why then that the tin doesn't reflect that? Also I first tried dissolving the nutramigen when the water was hot but it didn't dissolve as well. It's up to you I guess, but I'm going to stick to what it says on the tin as I would assume the manufacturers would know best!

misscreosote Thu 16-Apr-09 13:37:48

We just use feshly boiled water, after reading those guidelines (plus means you don't have to wait around!), then stick in a pan of cold water to cool down before putting in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Find the powder dissolves OK if you give it a good shake, but might be a little bit left at the bottom (never been a problem though). Don't know why the tin instructions are different - I always assumed they just hadn't been updated after the latest DoH advice.

misscreosote Thu 16-Apr-09 13:39:21

Oh, and we used to stick the bottles in a large cup of boiling water to take the chill off to serve (so not really that warm), but to be honest DD doesn't seem to care, so she gets it straight from the fridge now (after a bit of a shake).

Sheilsie Tue 21-Apr-09 22:55:01

Thanks for all your replies. We were away on holiday over the weekend, but I started Anna on the Nutramigen on Monday (mixed with lots of expressed milk for now) and it seems to be going OK thankfully. I agree that the formula mixes better when the water is not warm, but also that it looks like the instructions simply haven't been updated to reflect the latest advice. I'm going to email the manufacturers Mead Johnson to see what they say. If I actually get a reply then I'll add it to this thread.

pricer79 Thu 23-Apr-09 08:52:11

Just a thought they might say a lower temp as it does mix better when the water is cooler? Alfie doesn't like it the only way I can get him to have it is mixed with his breakfast.

spotofcheerfulness Fri 24-Apr-09 11:38:13

Thanks Sheilsie, would be interesting to hear what they say.

Sheilsie Fri 24-Apr-09 23:03:15

The reply I got from Mead Johnson was:

"You can use boiled water to mix with Nutramigen we would just suggest that you let it cool a little so that you do not burn yourself when pouring into the bottle."

So they didn't actually say that you cannot use water at room temperature. But at least now I know it is OK to use hotter water!

spotofcheerfulness Sat 25-Apr-09 13:43:02

Thanks - interesting how they make no reference whatsoever to the safety of the feed - just worried about your hands! I guess what we can draw from it is that you should make it up however your baby likes it...

babybarrister Tue 28-Apr-09 16:41:02

I was a slut obviously - cold tap water - fine although does have a nasty habit of sticking to the sides ...

Mja1000 Wed 10-Aug-16 21:37:38

If it is nutramigen lgg I think it has to be made with room temp water as hot water would kill the probiotoc. Here is a link to their website that explains how to prep.

Mja1000 Wed 10-Aug-16 21:38:12

AbiOllieDex Wed 23-Nov-16 12:35:35

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Tumtimes1 Mon 05-Dec-16 21:56:33

Does anyone know if once the Nutramigin with LGG (1) refridgerated this can be warmed up again to room temp?

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