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Can i use aveeno on an 8 week old baby?

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misdee Mon 25-Apr-05 18:06:16

dd3 has what appears to be infantile eczema on her face, have been using diprobase/doublebase (the other kids perscription was changed to doublebase) but it hasnt cleared, in fact it seems worse.
a, taking dd3 to the GP when i get a chance, am wondering if i could ask for aveeno.

wanda Mon 25-Apr-05 18:21:30

DS ( 7 months) has pretty bad excema over his face. Diprobase was hopeless but I have found Epaderm to be great. Its really thick like vaseline but keeps things under control. Occasionally I have to use hyrocortisone on top but generally the Epaderm is enough.
Good luck. Hopefully your dd will grow out of it as my first did.

misdee Mon 25-Apr-05 18:24:03

epaderm didnt work for dd1. really dont fancy hydrocortisone, even tho iknow the doses are safe, i dont want harsh chemicals on her skin. both my other 2 dd's have moderate/severe eczema.

Laylasmum Mon 25-Apr-05 18:33:34

My dd has been given aveeno its just an oatmeal based moisturiser

wanda Mon 25-Apr-05 18:36:14

Forgot to say I also tried aveeno but with no joy. Agree with you about the hydrocortisone but Ds suffers badly and once it is really inflamed it really is the only thing that works.

misdee Mon 25-Apr-05 18:37:46

i know hydrocortisone works, but had to use it on dd1 from 6 weeks old, and always have some handy in the cupboard for flare ups, just want to try and get this under control without using it.

Chandra Mon 25-Apr-05 18:41:07

I can't think why not... I have checked the label of the bottle at home and it doesn't say anything, in a way... it's an over-the-counter cream but a b**8 good one too. It's good to have it prescribed because it costs about 8 pounds for a 350ml bottle. (though it only needs to be applyied 1-2 times a day compared to the 8 times a day I needed to apply Diprobase)

Aveeno and Eucerin 10% Urea were the only creams that have been of real use in DS's case. HTH

ruty Tue 26-Apr-05 13:57:06

aveeno was the only thing that cleared up my ds's eczema. Nothing else worked. Its much more gentle than hydrocortisone, i would say fine for an 8wk old. Lovely stuff.

HRHDuchessofPeahead Tue 26-Apr-05 14:10:09

absolutely.great stuff....

donnie Tue 26-Apr-05 14:23:29

another recommendation for aveeno here!get it on prescription as it costs a bit.

vivie Wed 27-Apr-05 21:51:05

I've used Aveeno on ds2 since birth. Gp said okay to use it. It's worked really well on ds1's eczema but ds2's doesn't seem to be responding as well.

keresley Wed 11-May-05 21:13:31

I have just brought Aveeno for my ds. How many times a day can you apply it. I'd like to put it on every time I change his nappy but is this safe??

melon1 Wed 11-May-05 22:37:59

Keresley, you can apply Aveeno as much as you like. It doesn't contain any steroids - it's just an emollient.

gingerbear Wed 11-May-05 22:50:31

I would just like to thank the power of mumsnet for introducing me to this wonder cream.
NOTHING has eased my itchy psoriasis on my scalp as well as aveeno.
Didn't realise you can get it on prescription too.

TOD Thu 12-May-05 09:24:15

Just a quick word of appreciation!!!! Heard about AVEENO on mumsnet and it has been the only thing so far that has cleared up my 5 months old eczema on his face, so thanks a million for the great advice.Happy baby = Happy mummy!!!

keresley Wed 18-May-05 21:13:09

I am using aveeno for my ds. I have both the cream and the moisteriser. Which one works the best??? Also has anyone tried the bath oil?? Is it worth using this too?

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