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Snotty babes

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dazedandconfused Mon 25-Apr-05 14:37:11

DS (nearly 2) had excema from around 6 months, but this has cleared up since he stopped having any milk. He still has some cheese and a bit of butter. However, he has always had a very runny nose, and I'm constantly wiping it. Plus, his poos recently have been very sticky. I BFed him until 1 year old, by the way.

Now DD (3 months and BFed) is often very bunged up-in fact it wakes her very early every morning until I can help her clear out the snot by massagin g her nose and keeping her upright for a bit. It's a real pain-for her and for us, as sleep is so precious and this really seems to be bothering her.

I have 2 questions:

-Is it likely that DS' snottiness is caused by the small amounts of butter and cheese he has?
-Could DD be having a reaction to my intake of dairy (not much-milk in tea, butter on toast...)

Sorry about all the gory details, but I thought mums wouldn't mind!

Any advice much appreciated...

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