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Best washing powder for sensitive skin

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belgo Tue 07-Apr-09 16:30:58

DS aged six months has got very sensitive skin, and we are going to England next week, which washing powder is best to buy in England please?

LilRedWG Tue 07-Apr-09 16:33:36

Fairy is good. Before we had DD I used it anyway as it is the only one DH, who has very sensitive skin, can tollerate.

cluckyagain Tue 07-Apr-09 16:35:07

My dd2 has bad excema and we've found Sainsbury's own sensitive liquid is pretty good - vastly better than any of the 'normal' brands. I suspect that there are some lovely ones though but can't afford them!

belgo Tue 07-Apr-09 16:35:38

thanks, is that normal Fairy or a special type?

SalBySea Tue 07-Apr-09 16:36:16

Ecover. Smells lovely, lasts ages, and my DH has not suffered from eczema since we switched to it

belgo Tue 07-Apr-09 16:38:00

ok thanks all, sounds like a few to choose from

Shambolic Tue 07-Apr-09 16:50:00

I find Filetti good for DD.

Also on the washing machine try to find a "super rinse" or "high water level" type setting to rinse as much out as possible.

StirlingTheStrong Tue 07-Apr-09 16:53:36

I must say that Fairy powder/tablets made my DS very sore and itchy. I was informed by doctors that it is quite a harsh detergent.

We found that Tesco's own Non Bio powder is great - no itching anymore.

The problem is that different people react to different things.

belgo Wed 08-Apr-09 07:55:27

that's true. I may just take some of our washing powder over with us.

piscesmoon Wed 08-Apr-09 08:05:21

I should bring your own. I found that Persil non biological was fine.

De1 Thu 09-Apr-09 15:10:27

My daughter put on clothes washed in Fairy non bio gel yesterday and developed nettle like rash all over body, gradually disappeared after removing clothes. Never had a problem with other Fairy products but will definitely steer clear of the gel in future.

messymissy Thu 09-Apr-09 15:21:19

useful thread thanks..

Good tip about the extra rinse.

I use the fairy non-bio which doesn't seem to react but it can be expensive, and sometimes just doesn't get out stains. For things that don't go directly next to her skin I've used napisan for the stains (bibs etc)and put that on an extra rinse.

I will try sainsburys own brand.

PinkTulips Thu 09-Apr-09 15:23:45

ariel non bio powder doesn't flare up dp's eczema at all and mot other detergents do

mylovelymonster Thu 09-Apr-09 15:26:40

Ecover - completely different makeup to other laundry liquids and no synthetic fragrance, unlike general non-bios which smell like a tarts handbag, IMHO. (Incidentally - the little red-topped bottle of Ecover stain remover with its handy integral brush is great for working on interesting food/pen/paint/general grime stains on LOs clothing too)
Whatever you go for, do a couple of extra rinses if you have time to get rid of any residual detergent.

messymissy Thu 09-Apr-09 15:37:05

ok - will also give ecover a go.

stain removal an issue at the moment as dd has had sickness and very messy nappies. happily it only lasted a short while.

do you use a fabric softner? i;be been using the comfort sensitive and that seems ok - with very little scent btw.

ilovemydogandMrObama Thu 09-Apr-09 15:41:18

Surcare - unscented powder is one of the few that DD isn't allergic to.

PinkTulips Thu 09-Apr-09 16:02:11

using half the amount works just as well as the recomended dose and rinses out alot better smile

i only use ecover softner as the regular stuff aggravates dp's eczema

mylovelymonster Thu 09-Apr-09 16:15:49

Guess what - I use Ecover Fabric softener as well. Am so predictable. Smells nice tho and keeps LOs clothes soft and snuggly. Didn't use softener until she was bigger though - 18months+. Found that using Ecover generally didn't make her clothes go as cardboardy as our normal Persil non-bio, plus we have a water softener which might make a difference.

MadameCastafiore Thu 09-Apr-09 16:17:20

I use waitrose own brand sensitive and it is great - have never had a problem with DSs skin which was awful with excema when we used to use Fairy.

mylovelymonster Thu 09-Apr-09 16:17:50

.......about messy nappies - I rinse out poo stains with hot soapy water - rubbing fabric together - before I put items in washing machine which seems to help get the stains out completely (so far)

giantkatestacks Thu 09-Apr-09 16:19:53

another vote for surcare here...washes better than ecover as well.

belgo Thu 09-Apr-09 16:21:14

I'm just going to take some of our own washing powder (Le Chat), it seems fine with ds's skin. I made the mistake of putting him in an old babygro from his older siblings, that had not been washed in Le Chat, and he came out in an awful rash where his skin had been in direct contact with the babygro.

I don't use fabric conditioner.

monkeybumsmum Sat 11-Apr-09 08:20:59

Morning belgo smile

We normally take Le Chat with us, as mums powder brings ds out in a rash... However, have heard that Ecover (as mentioned above) is also good, but just haven't tried it.

Have a lovely time!

MotherofInvention Thu 16-Apr-09 22:25:11

We normally use Fairy but recently switched to Sainsbury's concentrated non-bio with very itchy results...

expatinscotland Thu 16-Apr-09 22:31:56

DS gets rashy skin, too. We use soap nuts but I rub in a little Persil non-bio on really stained items.

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