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Coeliacs - gluten free lipstick?

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swiperfox Wed 20-Apr-05 20:05:29

Hi all - My Mum has been recently diagnosed as coeliac and has had to change her entire diet and lifestyle. the last week or so she has been really ill again and turns out it is likely that a new lipstick she bought has gluten in which is obviously getting into her system.

She has emailed Max Factor to see if there is such a thing but has not heard from them. Does anyone know of any?

bobbybob Fri 22-Apr-05 03:21:48

That is so scary, I think that any food product should have to be declared even in cosmetics.

Personally I would phone - they have to deal with you immediately then.

I avoided all lipstick for ages, because it wasn't easy to find out which have peanut oil in and ds is allergic to peanut.

swiperfox Fri 22-Apr-05 18:37:43

Mad isn't it? She's having a hard time finding any lipstick!!Apparently Heelas (John Lewis) are looking into it for her.

ChicPea Tue 26-Apr-05 22:57:40

Christian Dior doesn't use gluten in its lipstick, have used theirs for years.

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