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Baby vitamins not containing peanut oil?

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Mummywannabe Wed 04-Mar-09 09:09:49

Been advised to try vitamins for DS (7mths). Abedec (sp?) ones contain peanut oil (I'm very allergic) so off limits.

Does anyone know of one that doesn't (lazy mummy can't get to shops today and was gonna send DH but need to give him stupid fool proof instructions!)

Academicmum Wed 04-Mar-09 09:48:12

Our ds's have Haliborange and ds1 has a peanut allergy so I assume there isn't any in there (at least he's never had a reaction to these multivits). Can't swear for certain as I haven't checked the label but both ds's seem to really like this brand anyway. Seems amazing that they would put peanut oil in stuff for children!

Bilbomum Wed 04-Mar-09 12:05:27

We've had Dallivit (sp?)on prescription for my ds (nut allergic) since he was 6 months. You can buy them over the counter, they're more expensive than Abidec but will do the job for you.

BlueBumedFly Wed 04-Mar-09 20:00:40

Dalivit is great. We cannot have nuts due to DD's half sister being allergic. Dalivit is great as it is not a syrup, you can put the drops directly into their bottle and they never know!

DD had 6 courses on antibiotics between Sept and Dec, I gave up and added Dalivit from Jan 1st and it is doing a great job! She has had colds obviously but no infections which is wonderful!

You have to ask the pharmacist though, they never know where it is!!

It is on super 70s packaging..look here: ivit-multivitamin-drops-50ml.html

Mummywannabe Wed 04-Mar-09 20:08:41

Thanks ladies. Will get it sorted now.

janet6267 Thu 10-Sep-09 12:02:41

Message withdrawn

naturopath Fri 11-Sep-09 04:22:49

HAliborange or Minadex (or Dalivit)- but you would have to check with manufacturers that absolutely no peanut ingredients.

naturopath Fri 11-Sep-09 04:23:31

(oh sorry, just realised this is an old thread)

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