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staying away overnight on an exclusion diet??

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mummypig Mon 12-Jan-09 00:30:11

I am currently on an exclusion diet due to bf ds3 reacting to something in my diet. Dp and I would really like to go away for one night in a few weeks' time, around our birthdays. I've reintroduced quite a few things but by then I will still be avoiding soya, nuts, eggs, gluten, tomatoes and fish (and tea, coffee, alcohol and chocolate but I pretty much avoid those in any case). Is there anywhere I could stay that would cook for us with all these restrictions???

The other option is to stay in a serviced apartment and buy stuff we can cook or reheat ourselves. In which case, if there are any really good 'free from' ranges I'd be glad for your recommendations. I do enjoy cooking (and usually do very simple 'meat and two veg' type meals so I know exactly what's in them) but would like to have a break just for one night!

mummypig Mon 12-Jan-09 10:52:43

i should add, we are in sw london/surrey area and don't want to venture too far away as it is only one night

loobeylou Mon 12-Jan-09 13:11:52

If you're thinking B&B's try googling the place you want plus gluten free B&B. In my experience of 2 DC with gluten and dairy free diets, if they can cater for THAT, they can cater for anything! we have stayed in many places which have been happy to accomodate by getting in special milk/and or bread, GF sausages etc and even letting us store things in their fridge so we can make packed lunches as eating on the go is so hard

Good luck - we found a fab place (B&B) in the summer and also with 2 "allergy aware" eateries in the same town, so we could alle at out safely, but no good to you as was in Cumbria!!

mummypig Mon 12-Jan-09 14:00:20

thanks loobeylou, it would be lovely to go away and be catered for, even if only briefly. It's reassuring that you've had good experiences. smile

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