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Insect sting anaphylaxis

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coral Wed 30-Mar-05 16:11:29

Does anyone on here deal with insect sting anaphylaxis? If so, I would welcome some help. my DD (age 7) has been anaphylactic to milk and eggs since she was tiny. She has been stung twice previously by wasps but with no ill effects. However, this weekend she was stung by something (not sure what but clearly a sting by the severe swelling and what seemed like a water filled blister at the site of the sting) which, 5 minutes later, results into her going very unexpectedly into severe anaphylactic shock. Luckily we already carry epipens so a major crisis was quickly averted.

Although I know of the danger of bee and wasp stings, I am trying to find out what other insects there are around at this time of year (Spring in the UK) which might have produced such a severe reaction? Also, as she has clearly only just developed this, is it something which looks set to stay for life?

Any thoughts would be gratefully appreciated!!


Laylasmum Wed 30-Mar-05 16:43:14

the allergy will stay with her for life although sometimes lessens in severity as she gets older, avoidance and epipens are the only management as you know, as regards what insects are around i don't know i'm afraid!!

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