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mandajane2004 Mon 28-Mar-05 10:33:03

My friend is coming to stay with his 4 year old who has a dairy allergy....has anyone got a list of can and cant eat foods that they could email me so I can shop before they get here in may lol????

Aimsmum Mon 28-Mar-05 11:23:18

Message withdrawn

mandajane2004 Mon 28-Mar-05 11:33:42

thanks a lot for son was temporarily lactose intolerant for 8 weeks after being seriously ill so I should really remember the basics pmsl...but that was 2 years ago!!

FIMAC1 Mon 28-Mar-05 12:16:15

Aimsmum - you are sounding like a dairy free pro these days Hows it going?

Aimsmum Mon 28-Mar-05 18:44:11

Message withdrawn

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