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have i made my dd paranoid?

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misdee Sun 27-Mar-05 09:48:53

she isnt AFAIK allergic to nuts, but is allergic to loads of other things. i havent given her nuts directly, but has had them in foodstuffs etc. but if i tell her she cant have something (ice cream) she asks 'does it have nuts in it?'

am still worried about giving her nuts.

tiredemma Sun 27-Mar-05 09:54:36

i think rather than being paranoid she is looking for the reason why she cant have the ice cream!!!

i hate nuts, i think they are dangerous, apart from the allergy thing, i get scared of kids choking on them.

she sounds quite switched on misdee!

stitch Sun 27-Mar-05 09:54:50

my ds isnt allergic to nuts, and evven he asks about it. its the media

Peckarollover Sun 27-Mar-05 09:56:33

My DD does this - she has created herself a nut allergy. If she is offered something with nuts in she will say "I cant have that, I have a nut allergy." I say "No you dont" she says adamantly "YES I DO"

They are peculiar little things arent they

misdee Sun 27-Mar-05 09:56:55

she is good. she knows cats make her wheezy and she shouldnt touch them really, tho does like mieows cats and strokes them occasionally tho not often. she also will tell me if she feels 'tight' in her chest and needs her inhalor, and has done this since she was about 2 (she is now 5).

misdee Sun 27-Mar-05 09:57:52

i havent even given her egg on its own yet, just in cakes etc.

tatt Sun 27-Mar-05 10:01:32

as you said to me on another thread, misdee, allergies can develop at any time. So I don't think you're making her paranoid. She's probably just hoping to argue that as there aren't any nuts she can have it after all

I've had children tell me they have allergies to avoid eating meat or vegetables

misdee Sun 27-Mar-05 10:46:56

i sometimes lie and tell her that ice cream has nuts in it (but only if its my tub of ben and jerrys )

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