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Freak milk incident

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heliotrope Tue 23-Dec-08 21:18:29

I had to share this - it was so unlucky. Was in sainsers with my son in pushchair (16month, allergic to dairy & eggs...) when a lady dropped a big carton of blue top milk on the floor - it exploded and we were both sprayed with milk all over. DS's face was soaked. For one second I laughed with the poor lady who dropped it before realising he might as well have been attacked with acid - it took about 10 secs for the hives to come up all over his face, covering ears and back beyond hair line. He went bright red and cried and having babywiped him as much as i could I ran to the pharmacy and demanded piriton. I had never seen such a reaction before and really was upset, I could hardly tell the pharmacist what had happened. They were nice and gave me a syringe as he wasn't up for taking the medicine. Anyway he looked so terrible I took him to casualty as I was worried that his throat might swell but luckily it had started to go down by the time I got there.
He was fine afterwards but must have got some into his mouth as later he had diarrhoea and hives on his bum, so the milk must have still been irritating him when it came out the other end!
I just cannot believe it - and now am going to start carrying piriton all the time.

BlueBumedFly Tue 23-Dec-08 22:24:49

that is so unlucky and so stressy for you both. DD2 has been anaphylactic to nuts since 18 months and along with epipens we have carried piriton for years for the minor issues. She is currently on a desensitization programme but that is another story.

Bless your little ds, well done for reacting so fast, some people can freeze with fear. All I can say is be prepared for the worst in a 'special' bag and it will keep your mind at rest. When ds is old enough get him to choose the bag his meds get carried in as it can help them. DD asked the other day if we could change the old Disney princess bag as she is now coming up to 11! Ooops, guess that isnit cool!

Might he grow out of the allergy?

strawberrycornetto Tue 23-Dec-08 22:54:35

OMG Helio. My DS has the same allergies and that is so horrific!! shock You were very calm, I am sure I would have completely panicked. I do try to carry piriton all the time but if I was popping out to the supermarket I might not have. I will now....

tinytalker Wed 24-Dec-08 21:09:30

How scary for you both. Who'd have thought a quick trip to the shops could turn into such an ordeal.
My dd is anaphylactic too and has multiple other allergies and asthma.
I have recently set up an online shop selling allergy gear for kids which might be of interest to you. PM me for the link.
I have in stock small dose medicine bottles and syringes, ideal for the hand bag. My DD is 10 now and takes one out with her/sleepovers/parties etc
Fingers crossed this won't happen again. TOP TIP: Steer clear of doddery old ladies in supermarkets!! LOL

heliotrope Fri 26-Dec-08 14:36:24

Thanks everyone, just had to get it off my chest! Have told a few people in the real world and they have said things like ' oh well now you know he really is allergic'. For some reason they just thought I was making it up before or something!

Tiny talker, v interested in your site but can't contact you via mumsnet - could you pm me the address as I've just changed my settings to make sure I can get messages from other mn-ers.
Bluebumedfly- I hope that he will grow out, he does tolerate cooked egg in cakes now, and they toldme that is a good sign, but failed his milk challenge in the first 1/2 hr so I think we have a way to go with that one(as is now obvious after the sainsbury incident!). I've followed your daughter's story on another thread - thanks for keeping us all updated as it is v interesting to hear about the programme.

wotuhohohoinat Fri 26-Dec-08 14:45:45

God, what a thing to happen.

tinytalker Sat 27-Dec-08 14:49:32

Heliotrope - I can't find out how to PM you either!!
My shop is

babybarrister Tue 06-Jan-09 14:37:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

heliotrope Wed 07-Jan-09 09:01:50

Tinytalker, have been on your site and ordered some stuff, thanks for telling me about it. We're all set now to start a new nursery next week armed with piriton doses and stickers!

tinytalker Wed 07-Jan-09 20:00:38

Heliotrope - I got your order this morning and posted it out first class. I hope all goes well. Good Luck

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