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Warning about Teso "kinnerton crackers"

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tatt Mon 22-Dec-08 22:18:43

This is a post from a different forum. Thought the warning needed sharing.

"was in Tesco today shelf was a sign declaring Kinnerton Crackers. I looked briefly at the product and it looked very like Kinnerton packaging with the wee logos on the back. I brought it home and my boy opened it up and brought it to me saying the inner packaging said contains nuts. I re checked the outer packaging and the warning label said that the product contained egg, soya and milk-no mention of containing nuts. There was very small print that suggested it wasnt suitable for nut allergy suffers due to the manufacturing process but not due to it actually conyaining nuts-just a wee warning in case anyone else makes the same mistake as me. On closer inspection it wasnt Kinnerton and Tesco had the wrong shelf label. I called them and they said they would fix it i am going to check tomorrow. "

jollyoldstnickschick Mon 22-Dec-08 22:28:13

Hi there please dont take offence at what im going to tell you( i know its not what your op is about,I understand 100% about allergies our ds3 has a milk allergy)- My dh worked at kinnerton for a short time (he absolutely owes them no loyalty )there is no way any chocolate that contains any nuts etc would ever get mixed up in that fctory they are bsolutely red hot on control there.....I know that wasnt your op but we went through a period of having to check a certain manufacturers labels for a short time after ds3 had a reaction and its a dreadful worry when something you thought you could trust you see you cant.

Kinnerton is fine!!!

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