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Recipe ideas for egg /soya/dairy allergic 10 month old?

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strawberrycornetto Tue 16-Dec-08 18:21:21

I am really struggling. All he eats is stew and all the Annabel Karmel recipes seem to include cheese or other dairy. He likes chicken, pork, lamb and fish but not really beef so far.

He's been ill for ages and has now dropped under the 0.4th centile shock sad and I am desperate to make sure he's eating well. Any ideas greatly received. He's ok with lumpy food.


lacarte Tue 16-Dec-08 18:31:17

there's a good recipe with red lentils. Fry up an onion, a clove of garlic and one chopped carrot for about 10 mins, add 250g lentils and one pint water (recipe says plus one tbs of soy sauce but you could subs with something else). Cook for about an hour. Then in another pan fry up some sliced mushrooms in olive oil. Put the lentils in an oven dish and top with the mushrooms (recipe says cheese too but no need really). Cook for about 20 mins at 180 degrees.

You could probably miss out the mushrooms and the last 20 mins and serve with some rice or potatoes.

strawberrycornetto Tue 16-Dec-08 19:21:06

Thanks. He likes lentils and mushrooms so I will definitely try that. smile

neenztwinz Tue 16-Dec-08 19:32:04

Sweet potato is a big hit in our house. And I mash up loads of veg eg parsnips, swede, carrots, butternut squash, green beans etc and mix with poached cod/haddock or tinned beans eg cannelini or haricot. They are a good source of carbs/protein. What about rice and pasta? Spag bol (onion, carrot, mince and tomatoes) or chilli (onion, carrot, mince, kidney beans and tomato plus a little chilli seasoning). You can use turkey mince if he is not keen on beef. You can put lentils in spag bol and chilli too to bulk it up a bit.

For breakfast I just boil up some fruit and add baby rice to thicken it so no need for milk.

What do you cook for yourself? Could you adapt some of those recipes? We hardly eat anything with dairy, soya or eggs in cos DH is allergic to cheese.

strawberrycornetto Tue 16-Dec-08 19:56:29

Thanks Neeztwinz, they are great ideas. grin Particularly love the idea of using cannelini beans and hadn't even thought of using other types of mince. I could also use lamb mince as he seems to like lamb best.

I did eat lots of cheesy stuff, but not at the moment. We eat lots of curry/spag bol/fish I guess. Its just all the baby/toddler recipes seem to contain cheese!

cuppachar Wed 17-Dec-08 12:56:15

I will be watching this thread with interest as I have the same problem trying to feed DD (14 months) who is dairy/egg/nut allergic. I find it hard to keep the fat and protein levels up without milk and cheese. She keeps sliding further down the centiles and has turned really fussy too. sad

I remember when DD was your DS's age she loved salmon mashed up with sweet potato and orange juice (adapted from an AK recipe). Beans on toast are now a big hit at lunchtimes and she also loves pasta with a tomato-based sauce but most of my other attempts now get flung across the room it seems. hmm

likessleep Wed 17-Dec-08 13:19:24

Avocados contains a lot of good fats. Try putting on toast or rice cakes (mushed up).
My 13mth DS loves kidney beans, he just picks them up to eat them, but they can go in any type of stew and a good source of protein.
Quinoa is also used like rice, but contains protein too (fairly tasteless, but i just mix in with stew).
Agree about lentils, they go in anything (but they can be difficult to digest, so i try not to put too many in).
Mackerel on toast? (also a good source of calcium)
Difficult, but probably worth making sure there is a lot of oily fish/food in diet.

beautifulday Wed 17-Dec-08 13:56:50

Hi! my 14mth old has the same allergies - I make him Mince & Tatties - he loves peas & Carrots, Spag blog (i either make the sauce myself or use Tescos own original pasta sauce (nothing dodgy in it!). Pasta & sauces. Lasange made with rice milk for white sauce and no cheese. meatballs with tomato sauce (chopped tomatoes & herbs usually). Stew is a big fave here too!
I amke him veg soups /broth etc. lentil soup with tatties etc. Good luck! x

neenztwinz Wed 17-Dec-08 20:33:58

Also you could use quorn is spag bol etc - I think it is a good source of protein.

newbiemumzee Thu 18-Dec-08 00:25:58

Just a note about quorn, is not suitable if egg and dairy allergic as it has egg white and milk protein in.

My daughter's also egg,dairy, nut and fish(!) allergic and that is a struggle. I sometimes make her "creamy" pasta sauces with milk alternative(soya, rice or oat) - make sure its calcium fortified to keep up their intake. Fry some onion or leek with olive oil, then add mushroom with broccoli/spinach and milk, when cooked blitz with a blender to make a sauce.

neenztwinz Thu 18-Dec-08 09:35:15

Oops! Sorry about the quorn!

babybarrister Thu 18-Dec-08 15:36:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

strawberrycornetto Thu 18-Dec-08 15:43:35

Thanks. I tried lamb mince today and that really didn't go down well. Fish and mash for tea so we will see how that goes...

cuppachar Thu 18-Dec-08 21:57:12

babybarrister, until I read your email I had just assumed fish fingers contained egg and were therefore out of bounds, but I just checked the Birds Eye website and I stand corrected! Still, given how fussy DD is I'm not sure whether she'd eat them anyway.... some good new suggestions though - thanks!

Good to hear your DS's weight gain is so good though. DD has slipped from the 50th at birth down to almost the 2nd now which is disheartening. Maybe it's more to do with her fussiness than her allergies though.

strawberrycornetto Thu 18-Dec-08 22:53:00

Cuppachar, my DS has gone from 25th to just about on 0.4 so I know what you mean. He refused the fish and mash and now seems to have an allergic reaction, its the first time I gave him white fish but then he tested ok on skin prick test. I also think his face looked blotchy after lunch, so I wonder if it was tomato? What a nightmare. I saw the HV today and she told me to go back to the dietician and also to get vitimins for him.

trixymalixy Fri 19-Dec-08 21:30:20

Butternut squash risotto with plenty of olive oil.

Is quorn not soya?

cuppachar Tue 23-Dec-08 16:27:03

If you get vitamins, make sure you don't get Abidec, which contain peanut oil. I was recommended Dalivit instead.

Quorn doesn't contain any soya but most varieties (if not all) contain egg so not suitable anyway... I just looked at the website and apparently it's made of mycoprotein, "a nutritious member of the fungi family". Mmmmmm?!

Stawberrycornetto, on a more positive note, DD (14 months) was retested for egg and milk allergy on Friday and both have improved to the extent that the consultant thinks she will be ready for a food challenge in 3 months' time! They didn't retest for peanut, but one step at a time.... smile Not gloating, just hoping this makes you feel a bit more optimistic. Have a lovely Christmas and try not to worry. x

heliotrope Tue 23-Dec-08 21:27:14

Baby fish pie made with their usual milk in the sauce, peas, salmon, and potato or sweet potato on top.

Baby shepherds pie (although my one is funny with mince as well!)

Minestrone soup (you can add baby pasta shapes or barley)

Mushroom rice (fry onion, mushroom, add basmati rice and low-salt stock, simmer until done).

Kedgeree - onion, basmati rice, a bit of curry powder, peas, smoked mackerel

Pasta with 'cheese sauce' (dairy free cheese sauce mix from Holland and Barrett!, made with formula or soy milk) and vegetables or ham.

Paste with tom sauce and tuna.

RE the fish my boy is allergic to some white fish (not sure which, definitely haddock and pollack, but I avoid all) but fine with oily fish.

strawberrycornetto Tue 23-Dec-08 22:58:21

Cuppachar, that's excellent news. A good Christmas present for your DD smile

Helio, hello, just posted on your thread about the exploding milk shock. They are good suggestions. What is the dairy free cheese sauce like?

heliotrope Fri 26-Dec-08 14:49:38

The cheese sauce is OK, it is just a powder and I use a couple of teaspoons in with about 120ml of formula for a serving. I wouldn't want it for my dinner exactly but it is popular with DS - poor thing hasn't had a proper cheesy sauce so doesn't know what he's missing!
I was a bit dubious about what they might put in a fake cheese sauce but it is mainly soya and herbs etc.
He will also eat the fake cream cheese ('Tofutti') which I think tastes OK and lasts well.
However, the cheese substitute which comes in slices, he won't touch, and I agree it is really revolting.
Thanks for the comiserations on the exploding milk!

AbricotsSecs Fri 26-Dec-08 22:28:11

Message withdrawn

heliotrope Sat 27-Dec-08 11:46:38

Sorry about the cheese sauce reference, yes you are right this is soya, I got carried away with ideas and forgot that this thread is soya as well as dairy&egg free..

AbricotsSecs Sat 27-Dec-08 13:52:08

Message withdrawn

cazzyangel23 Sun 04-Jan-09 00:16:05


Mammaoftwins Sun 19-Jun-11 20:52:28

Hi everyone, one of my twins has cow's milk allergy, the other is allergic to soya and peanut, so I'm going through alternatives and I'd like to give my contribution to anyone struggling like I am.

My girls love cakes and biscuit so I found a good one without diary which happened to be delicious to them!

CIAMBELLA ALL'ACQUA (ring shaped cake made with water)

3 eggs
200gr sugar
130gr water
1 tea spoon vanilla extract
250gr self-rasing flour
120gr sunflower oil
1 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder

Mix sugar and eggs until clear and smooth then add all the other ingredients but the cocoa, mix them together then put half of the paste in a ring shaped baking tray (grease it first!!!). Add the cocoa to the other half of the paste, mix and put it on top of the white paste, so your cake will be double-coloured.

Put it in the oven at 150 celsius degree for 50 minutes or until the inside is not sticky anymore.

My children eat lots of it for breakfast and as middle afternoon snack.

On the other hand, one problem I have is with bread, as the Hovis one I used to buy (best of both) got soya flour... sad So I'm making my own bread to slice and make toast, although I have to find a better recipe as I need something more soft.... Any one have any????

Hope my cake recipe helps some of you.


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