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Elidel and Protoic cancer risk

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bunny3 Mon 14-Mar-05 19:58:45

Just been informed bo our gp to stop using Protopic on ds as there may be a cancer link. Thought if anyone else here uses that or Elidel perhpas they should spk to their own gp. See more here

pinkwhistle Wed 16-Mar-05 06:26:34

OMG, dd has just yesterday been prescribed Elidel for her eczema!!!
I didn't get it straight away as it was A$70 and I wanted to make sure our private health fund covered some of the cost (they do btw, about $40). But now I don't think I will get it at all!

Has anyone else used it before?

bunny3 Wed 16-Mar-05 19:56:44

pinkwhistle, the cancer risk is unproven - spk to your doctor about it - if you google, there are a few articles about the cancer risk.

louli Wed 16-Mar-05 20:30:45

Thanks for this. We have been using Elidel on and off on DS for almost two years. Don't think I will be using it again. You just can't rely on any creams.

bunny3 Wed 16-Mar-05 20:51:10

I have raved about protopic many times here on MN, I thought it was fabulous stuff - now really p*ssed off. I thought it had been thoroughly tested.

Chandra Thu 17-Mar-05 12:10:43

It has not been tested in infants and as any other new (or old) medicine in the market it can be later suspected of other effects as the users start having syntomps, it just really scares me they are regognising symptoms when the thing has been in the market for less than three years!). I guess this is no consolation but if medicines come in and out of the market is for this. Some very common antibiotics are now suposedly linked to autism, etc. However I have been ranting here for a while after doctors prescribe it for craddle cap (FFS!!! do they ever read the full description that accompanies the medicine???). We got a prescription for DS after months of any response to high doses of HC (2.5), it has been a saviour, we have used it for a year on and off.I suspect that considering that we have used far less than half of the tube we may be in the safe side. I hope

Chandra Thu 17-Mar-05 23:41:09

bumping just in case somebody else needs to know about it.

tibuan Thu 16-Jul-09 14:55:57

I never used it. And i would not go under treatment on it.

mamatilly Thu 16-Jul-09 20:49:55

gee we were just prescribed elidel for 8month old baby for his face... feeling abit sick... think i;m gonna head off to the herbalist....

jem777 Fri 17-Jul-09 15:49:59

Try to have as much as possible, a reliable reference and information on this.

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