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Formula Feeding - Runny stools then constipation. Any recommendations for formula?

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Nats79 Thu 06-Nov-08 17:13:38

My 9 week old has until recently been on Aptimal however this caused her to have extremely runny and HUGE poos, her stomach would gurgle and be bloated and she also has mild ezcema on her face which I've heard can be a sign of lactose intolerance. The doctors have screened her for an infection becau of her runny tum but this test came back normal but so far they haven't screened for lactose intolerance. I finally managed to get the doctor to prescribe Enfamil O Lac (lactose free) even though an intolerance hasn't been confirmed but then her stools became very hard very quickly and she began to bleed slightly when passing poo (presumably because the action of passing the stools made her bleed). So we've now changed to SMA LF (Lactose Free) but she seems to be uncomfortable when feeding on this and looks like she is constantly strainin to poo (although she did manage to poo this morning it was again quite a firm poo).

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience of other formulas? GIven we don't know she has a lactose intolerance and both my husband and I are also prone to sensitive tummies anyway I have also considered C&W Omneo Comfort, Aptimal Easy Digest and Soy but wondered if anyone had used these or had recommendations about how to handle?

combustiblelemon Thu 06-Nov-08 17:23:04

I think the most basic one is Hipp Organic. Lots of the others have additives like probiotics in them that could upset a sensitive stomach.

leebee36 Fri 05-Dec-08 19:51:23

hi, my boy has had similar probs on aptamil, but hes ok during day then the pains build up and by 4ish hes really sore and screaming, a build up of wind really beyond a joke - was this the case with your girl?? thought it was normal, being a first time mum, but he was in agony tonight after having a really nice day, cant get to grips with it.

would appreciate knowing what milk you changed to and if it helped with the bloated tummy etc


misscutandstick Sat 06-Dec-08 12:44:58

Try COw and Gate comfort - its a pre-digested formula (ie already has digestive enzymes in it).

It really helped my LO before we knew he was not only dairy intolerant, but soy and wheat intolerant too.

Constipation in young babies is sometimes caused by intolerance to dairy (lactose or casein) and the 'blow-out' is the bodies way of expelling items it finds to be toxins. The other explanation is 'overspill' which is caused by simple constipation, this can often happen in formula fed babies, and is releived by drinking water, or for effective evacuation - watered fresh orange juice and a little brown sugar, works like a charm!

Overspill is when constipation backs up to a limit where the gut cant cope anymore and seepage occurs around the blockage - ie the VERY runny stools.


misscutandstick Sat 06-Dec-08 12:48:03

PS im still fighting to have his intolerances recognised and they WONT prescribe anything at all for us sad so he cant have milk or soy based milk.

sarsums Sun 07-Dec-08 20:46:42

Hi Nats, From your description of your dd's GI symptoms and eczema, it sounds like she has a delayed IgE mediated allergy to cow's milk protein. Discomfort during feeding, runny tum, blood in poo, and eczema are all classic symptoms. Any lactose free formulas still contain cow's milk protein therefore would have no relief of her symptoms. You need to ask your GP to prescribe Nutramigen, which is a hypoallergenic formula. The proteins are 'extensively hydrolysed' meaning that they are much less likely to cause any reactions (eczema and gut symptoms in your dd's case). Unfortunately blood tests (RAST) and skin prick tests are unlikely to detect this type of delayed reaction allergy, as they are only useful for immediate types of reactions. You need to go back to your GP and be very firm that you want to trial Nutramigen for 2 weeks (this should be enough time to see improvements). I'm a paediatric dietitian BTW.

thisisyesterday Sun 07-Dec-08 20:56:55

nats, I wouldn't hurry into a diagnosis of lactose intolerance.
ds1 had awful runny poos on aptimil and was very sicky.
a change to cow and gate organic put it all right.

personally I would try a couple of other regular formulas before deciding you need a LF one.

soy formulas are NOT recommended. if you need a specialist formula you should get a GP to prescribe it

sarsums Mon 08-Dec-08 13:10:56

oops, I meant non-IgE mediated

pinkie08 Mon 08-Dec-08 21:00:16

Hi i used cow and gate comfort and got a much more settled baby with that

ConstipatedBabiesNet Wed 28-Sep-11 10:53:04

Hey ladies, I've just set up a website dedicated to causes and treatment of constipation in babies. It would be great to hear you opinions on what does or doesn't work! I've tried a various few methods on my 2 month old and have reviewed the products and alternative treatments. You can reach us at

Annie x

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