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Week before 3rd bday and no more milk allergy!

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evester Wed 29-Oct-08 22:59:16

Delighted to announce that DD has passed her milk challenge. Was not getting hopes up at all so an even bigger thrill. Drank the milk at the food challenge without complaint but suspect that was more to do with pleasing the nurse! Had a taste of cheese today (not so sure) but loved the chocolate buttons (well obviously). Still allergic to egg as far as we know for now.Just wanted to post some good news.

Cheesesarnie Wed 29-Oct-08 23:00:38

my ds2 was intolerant to cows milk produce and the relief but also shock when we realised hed grown out of it was great!

UncleHester Wed 29-Oct-08 23:00:51

Fantastic news! My dd has just turned 3 and seems to have grown out of her milk allergy, too. She's refusing to give up rice milk, though.

AbricotsSecs Wed 29-Oct-08 23:01:35

Message withdrawn

strawberrycornetto Thu 30-Oct-08 14:27:11

Congratulations, that's brilliant news grin

wb Thu 30-Oct-08 20:06:24

Big congratulations grin

Ds1 passed a couple of weeks ago (also nearly 3) and I'm amazed how much easier it makes feeding him out and about despite his nut allergy. He doesn't like milk itself but has taken to cheese in a big way.

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