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Eczema & aloe vera

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alux Tue 08-Mar-05 17:09:50

Has anyone experimented with 100% aloe vera gel?
DH had severe eczema as a child and it is one of my worries when dd arrives next month.

I have had no personal experience with eczema and grew up in the tropics where it is near unheard of.

My aunt though is a nurse and has found that aloe vera gel works a treat on skin ailments. She took over care of a bedridden gentleman who had a sore on his nose for months which did not respond to conventional treatment. When she took over his care she covered the sore with aloevera gel and a bandage - thinking it can't hurt to try. Within a week, the sore disappeared permanently.

bobbybob Sun 13-Mar-05 04:55:22

I have no experience with Aloe Vera but I have read that taking probiotics in the last trimester of pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding can really help prevent eczema. Even though you only have a month it would be worth doing given dh's history.

Also no bubbles in the baby bath (you may have to forcibly restrain midwives etc.) they are not needed and prevent the babies acid mantle from forming (or something like that)

alux Sun 13-Mar-05 08:36:44

I went googling and found this

Do you mean probiotic things like danone activa?
I have read here on MN about keeping bubbles away from baby. I have told DH and will tell m/w that I don't want baby bathed.

I noticed that Holland and Barrett sells aloe vera drinks but I am fearful what it will cost. Also, aloe vera plants are cheap to buy and raise but buying the gel form is expensive. I may start a little aloe vera garden at home.

tatt Sun 13-Mar-05 09:20:32

googled and found this about probiotics and eczema. It suggests you may cut the risk by half.

I haven't tried aloe vera gel but did try it internally and didn't see any difference. Maybe I should try the gel. My eczema has been better since trying probiotics but I'm not sure if its that or because the winter has been mild.

bobbybob Sun 13-Mar-05 18:43:07

I take a pill, and ds has a powder we mix with powdered fruit. Both have to be kept in the fridge.

I like the idea of the tablet, because it doesn't break down until it enters the right part of the gut, so you know you are getting it all.

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