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Allergic Shiners

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tinytalker Mon 20-Oct-08 21:11:14

Hi all, I'm a serial lurker popping up to ask advice.
A bit of background from me; I have 3 daughters. My eldest has various allergies; asthma, hayfever, house dust, cats, dogs, rabbits and a severe anaphylactic reaction to horses. She has the usual stuffy nose of allergy sufferers and the little white line across the crease of her nose. Over the last year or so she has been getting quite pronounced black eyes which I have since learnt are called allergic shiners and are very common in allergy sufferers. Some days/weeks are worse than others for instance last week she didn't have them and today she looks like she's been punched, they are so bruised looking!
My question is.... What do you think the culprit is? She hasn't been in contact with any of the above mention allergens?
Do any of you or your kids get this? What causes it? Should I exclude dairy?
I know it's not a serious medical issue but she's nearly 11 and getting very image conscious and she does get teased, "Panda eyes" angry
Any thoughts gratefully received. Thanks

misi Mon 20-Oct-08 21:46:59

this is often caused by toxic overload. often helping the liver and kidneys in their detox processes can reduce the overload and therefore reduce the black eye effect.
they can also be caused by the veins in the area under the eyes becoming more pronunced which is linked to sinus inflamation, which is linked to an overactive immune system which clogs up the drainage system which is your sinuses/lymphatic system, but generally this all links back to liver detox.

treatment depends on the age and other symptoms

nightcat Mon 20-Oct-08 22:22:16

A number of allergies are a secondary result of wheat/gluten intolerance (and there is a sound scientific ground to back it up as many people can't fully digest gliadin in wheat which adds to toxic load and causes overactive immune system).

You could cut down on wheat based foods to see if it makes any difference?

My ds had these dark circles and was very pale, these symptoms (+ many worrying others) went away when we wend gluten-free.

williamsmummy Mon 20-Oct-08 22:49:58

line on nose, = captains salute, caused by chronic rhinitus.
often kids have high upper palate, also caused by chronic rhinitus.

some causes can be removed by immunotherapy, ( injections twice weekly) on nhs , but only for hay fever or tree pollen.

all postcode lottery I afraid.

however i am sure with the right referal, as your child has such a long list of environmental allergies should would be a case for treatment.

if we were in anyother eu country, dogs, cats etc would be treated as a matter of course.

on the plus side, as a girl, when older can use make up.
my son with his allergic shinners, high palate, captains salute, and using only one nostril all the time, and breathing through the mouth, well, we cant do much about that................still he has a face his mummy loves anyway

christywhisty Tue 21-Oct-08 16:45:08

My DS has allergic shiners, he has chronic rhinitis, nut and seed allergies and chronic sinus problems.
The paediatrician we were seeing about headaches (turned out to be sinuses) and febrile convulsions looked at him and said he looked like an "allergic type boy"

loobeylou Tue 21-Oct-08 17:35:48

I found this thread very interesting as my DD has always had "bags under her eyes" and is coeliac. We have always assumed she tires easily, we had never actually heard of allergic shiners but sounds like thats her to a T
recently she has been under the weather looking really tired and ill again, thought she was suffering another food intolerance/allergy, but turned out she is supersensitive to gluten and has become unable to tolerate codex wheat starch with its very low levels of gluten

so am hoping the black eyes will go now she is off that too and on the mend/more energetic

brimfull Tue 21-Oct-08 17:49:28

can someone explain the captains salute thingg please

misscutandstick Tue 21-Oct-08 19:22:23

sorry i dont know about the captains salute.

I can absolutely relate to the 'panda eyes' with a little pale face and no energy at all. DS5's was gluten based, and now thats the first sign that hes eaten something that he shouldnt. Although he is also intolerant to dairy, soy, and a few other bits and pieces, which causes the same thing.

christywhisty Tue 21-Oct-08 22:27:14

Captains salute is where the are constantly wiping their nose on their hand in an upward movement, sometimes this causes a crease across the nose.
Ds does this as well but doesn't have the crease.
nasal or captains salute

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