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Newbie to this board

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misscutandstick Mon 13-Oct-08 20:04:56

hi there everyone

I am usually around on 'special needs' board, but found this one yesterday and have been catching up on old threads.

DS5 is 2.5 and has autism, he also has intolerances to: Dairy, egg, gluten, soya, banana's, annatto, and possibly olive oil.

Incidentally, im intolerant to: treenuts, peanuts, seeds and peas. DH is intolerant to: onions, peppers and mushroom. So as you can see shopping is a PITA and cooking is worse! And im not in any rush to give the possible allergens to DS5 either (ie nuts).

DS5 weighs a smidge less than 22lbs, after losing over a pound in the last couple of weeks, it took 3 months to gain it sad he is off the charts on the red book (less than 0.4). Heightwise he is 9th centile. he has had FTT from 8wks (when i gave up BF).

His paediatrician says hes fine (!?!) The dietician just says 'sprinkle sugar' on everything !?! Oh great, so he will grow a sweet tooth, lose his teeth and end up with diabetes! no thanks.

Ive taken the rather large leap of organising some neocate infant formula (dairy and soya free), and some duocal (calorie enhancer) to add to his drinks and meals. He doesnt 'chew' either, as he has verbal dyspraxia.

I realise thats rather a lot of 'conditions' to place on a request, but ive looked long and hard to find a cookery book which would come even close to cooking stuff that DS5 could enjoy and would put him a little weight on. Does anyone have any ideas where could i find such a book? (dont say amazon, they dont have one, well actually they have one that semi comes close, however the recipes are useless ie. apple sauce, hawii fruit juice, etc) im more after buns, biscuits (soft of course!), cakes and puddings.

wb Mon 13-Oct-08 20:18:00

Welcome to the allergies board smile

I'll have to be brief (baby feed due) but one of my top tips for putting weight on ds1 (dairy and peanut allergic) was to be generous with the vegetable oil (in our case olive but doesn't have to be) in cooking, lots of shallow fried food and fattier cuts of meat than I would buy for myself or dh.

I know everyone is very down on fat but it isn't really a problem unless you are overweight (and it has become clear that ds1 will never be overweight).

Complex carbs are also good but he was never very keen on these.

AnarchyAunt Tue 14-Oct-08 19:30:25

I know you said 'don't say Amazon' but what about this, or this? Sorry if you've already seen and discounted them!

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