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Anyone selling any pyjamas for toddlers with eczema?? or know where to find used?

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rachelinscotland Fri 10-Oct-08 23:17:16

A friend has just today given me a copy of the Cotton Comfort catalogue and I'm delighted to find there are comfy clothes available that children can't get into! My nearly 19mo son has a bad scratching habit and I have to keep him layered in tights, vests, trousers, etc (which I know is bad for eczema!) but I just don't know what to do otherwise. Up until last week I was always pleased to put him into his zip up fleece pjs at night since he couldn't get his hands in. However, that's changed - he's discovered the zip and it's down in 2 seconds!

So...just wondering if anyone has any pyjamas that they're interested in selling, or know if it's possible to get secondhand eczema clothes? Searched on ebay, but didn't find any - maybe they get worn out! LOL But I just thought it would be nice to find some at a reasonable price to try out first, as I'd hate to spend 20 or 30 quid on some pyjamas and find they didn't work or he could take them off etc! So....any ideas would be most appreciated! Thanks! xx

GentleGarotter Fri 10-Oct-08 23:22:03

We found that the sizes were pretty small, Rachel and your lo is older than our wee one otherwise you could have had a couple of the sleepsuits. (they are 9-12 months)

If you do get any of their stuff get a couple of sizes bigger or go for things without feet.
They have a sale now and again so you might get something a bit cheaper then.

rachelinscotland Sat 11-Oct-08 16:34:35

Thanks very much for the tip on sizing - I was wondering what size to get for my little boy! I see they go from 80cm (12-18m) to 90cm (2-3y). I was guessing I'd go for the 90cm for my 19mo, as presuably anything bigger than that would swallow him?

Yes, they've actually got sale items at the moment, tho most are newborn size. But they have the leggings pjs (which button at the shoulders) which I really like for only 10 pounds, tho only a couple of colours in the size I would need. Don't suppose you know what the colour codes are, or how to find out? I did email them, but guess it will be sometime next week before I hear from them - don't want them to sell out before then tho! But I think the colour codes were FAR and WIL that were still in stock for his size, but can't imagine what they would be! Most of the other colours looked easy enough to guess, just not these - for me anyway! It seems these sale items must be before they brought in their new range with silver soothe. But at half the price as the new ones, I'd be very happy to have some of the old stock at a tenner each!

madmarriedNika Sat 11-Oct-08 16:41:25

We use this range too, and find them brilliant- but I always buy from their sale range. The availablility of sizes does vary greatly but if you keep checking every week or so you usually find something!

I think 'FAR' is farm print...not sure what 'WIL' is- maybe call them they're very helpful.

I'm afraid in our case we have actually worn out pairs before growing out of them (partly because he only has 2 sets, which he wears all the time, chews/sucks the mitts making holes and has worn through the feet/knees too probably because when his skin flares up he wears them in the daytime at home as well as at night).

Good luck x

overthemill Sat 11-Oct-08 16:46:17

we used cotton comfort stuff for years and its fantastic, really good quality and lasts for ages. huge price but worth it imo. when she had outgrown i tried to pass them on via eczema clinic and tehy weren't interested. shame

btw for pjs we also had white company ones which are soft and good quality. got them too big and sewed up ends of feet/arms

rachelinscotland Sat 11-Oct-08 21:38:17

madmarriedNika: Thanks so much for the tip about the colours - seems they've updated that particular item (maybe since I sent an email last night to ask?) and it is farm print and the WIL is wildflower! So guess the wildflower is a bit too girly for my boy! LOL (Judging from the pics of other clothes in it!). So just placed an order for 2 farm print ones in size 90cm. Although 24.50 (inc post) seems a lot to me to pay for 2 pairs of pyjamas (and will need to get some shirts for under them), it certainly looks cheap compared to full price ones! So I'll look forward to getting them & see how we get on with them.

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