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Cows milk allergy .. Tell me about GOATS milk /cheese please ++++

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kalo12 Fri 03-Oct-08 10:42:45

Does goats milk formula have casein in it? Is it likely to be as allergenic? Can I use goats cheese for an 8 month old weaning?

Is there anything negative I should know?

strawberrycornetto Fri 03-Oct-08 11:55:32

hello. my DS has a milk allergy and we have been told by both paed and dietician to avoid goats milk. the alternatives are soya (although lots of children with milk allergy are also allergic) or rice/oat milk. there are also special formulas but these have to be prescribed I think. iI your lo is 8 months old they will need some type of formula if you are not breastfeeding, either the soya ot the hydrolysed ones i mentioned above.

Maggieb52 Fri 10-Oct-08 00:08:03

My LO was allergic to the protein in Milk so all other milk products were out for her. Breast, soya and rice milk athough Soya is not recommended for under 2??? Luckily I was still able to BF her til 2

marmadukescarlet Fri 10-Oct-08 00:16:59

My Paed said not to have soya due to the synthetic hormones in it.

My DS was highly allergic to cows milk fromula(and fish, eggs etc) and would not drink that chemical part digested nonsense <boak> so we gave him formula goat milk as a one a day top up to bf. He was fine.

We then moved him to full fat goat milk, goat milk yoghurt and cheese.

He is now 4, he has ordinary cowmilk yogs and cheese, but doesn't like the taste of cows milk. His skin is peachy soft without much emmolient application but it used to bleed and weep and need bandaging.

All children are different.

gigglewitch Fri 10-Oct-08 00:20:25

my dc have all been weaned on goats milk & cheese wink
They have CMPI.
Am toooooo befuddled and silly to tell you much now but will try to come back in more sensible state of mind tomorrow
If there is anything i can help with then my email is on my profile too wink

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