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Please help, My 5 week old has bad excema on face.

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zeered Wed 01-Oct-08 10:21:14

my 5 week old little boy developed a milk rash within the first week...he got more and more spots but drs said only milk rash. skin was also dry so they prescribed epaderm. since then the milk spots have changed into inflamed, red, dry scaly skin on both cheeks. Not sure if epaderm aggravated it or whether milk rash could become this?? Dr now says looks like excema! I am now trying liquid paraffin on skin plus almond oil but doesn't seem any better.

went to a baby group yesterday and people stared and commented oh his rash. don't even want to go back!!! Feel so helpless as it must be itching as he is constantly trying to scratch his face. Are there any mums whose babies have or have had similar? Wld love any advice or just support. Just wish i could take it away from him. Please help!

Nellstar Wed 01-Oct-08 13:31:49

My DS1 had bad milk rash 2 days after birth and then subsequently got eczma on his body not face. Now 19 months he is free of it altogether, not from pills and potions, just seems to have grown out of it. Had friend whose DC had it badly on face too, she went for the works - epiderm, doublebase and hydromol. Worked on her little one. We temporarily used these on DS1 and they worked a treat. I'd make another appointment with the gp and ask about those. And weather the strong reactions in baby group. Not sure if they were all first time mums, I found some first time mums very uptight and a bit judgemental, but soon everyone chills out as their children inevitably contract something or other or start to behave badly...And congrats on your little boy.

debzmb62 Wed 01-Oct-08 13:47:09

can i ask ARE YOU BF

Troutpout Wed 01-Oct-08 14:02:41

Both of mine had something that sounds very much like this at 4-5 weeks old. The health visitor said they were '5 week spots' . My first baby had it very badly and had almost spot on top of spot untill it was like a big angry scaly scab. I have seen it in a lot of other babies of the same age too. (both bf and bottle fed btw) One of mine was breast fed at this age (baby no 1).My second baby was formula fed.
They lasted for about 3-4 weeks and then disappeared again.

zeered Wed 01-Oct-08 14:05:03

yes am breast feeding, could that be contributing?

debzmb62 Wed 01-Oct-08 14:17:30

NO BF won.t be the problem
its like troutspout said its 5 week spots its really common
i,ve had 5 kids and all mine had it. its not bad or anything you are doing honest the reason i asked if you were BF is just after he has finish BF express a tiny amount of milk and just put it on the rash and allow it to dry in !!it.;; take a few days but will sort the rash out !!
as for the other people stareing and commenting on the rash fuck them don,t let it get you down its not your fault and yes it is common !!!congrats on you baby boy to

mustsleep Wed 01-Oct-08 14:25:25

my ds had this started as milkspots that had got sore/dry and then doc precrobed diprobase which made it really sore and angry and then got just some emollient cream like thicker vasoline and it went altogther although since ds has always had ezcema

zeered Thu 02-Oct-08 19:04:21

thank you for all your advice and support. Do hope it is only 5 week spots. had a sleepless night again last night with him crying, wriggling continuously whilst scratching his face. Looks a little better today or so i am wishing. thank you to all of u for yr support...especially re; the baby group. You all really have helped me - given me some courage. x

MegBusset Thu 02-Oct-08 19:13:34

Hi Zeered, DS's eczema started like this -- it got worse peaking at about 6mo when he was covered head to toe but thankfully now (19mo) he is all but clear apart from the occasional flare-up.

The main thing is to try different creams to find which ones work. Epaderm made DS much worse. You will probably need to try a few before you find the combination that works.

In the meantime following these rules helped DS a lot:

Don't let his skin dry out -- moisturise as many times a day as you need to (we used to do DS at every nappy change, now he only needs twice a day).

Bathe in a specialist lotion like Aveeno or Oilatum (get on prescription). The recommendation is to bathe at least once a day but some find it's better to bathe less often.

Use Surcare or non-bio washing liquid, and no fabric conditioner.

Use only 100% cotton clothing.

Put LO to sleep in scratch mitts -- if he pulls them off, you can buy tops with built-in mitts from

Some people find, when BF, that cutting out dairy and/or egg from their diet improves the LO's skin. However, this should only be done under the supervision of a dietician.

Most importantly, get a referral from your GP to a specialist. Most GPs know very little about eczema, a specialist can help with allergy testing etc. Waiting lists can be long so get the referral now, hopefully you won't end up needing it.

HTH -- there are loads of threads about eczema on here so it's worth searching them

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