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Antihistamine cocktail

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taniashort Fri 26-Sep-08 21:10:35

DS had a virus which manifested in hives - as he's on daily antihistamine (Desloratadine) I wondered what else I could give him. Went to GP and was told to give piriton (dose according to the bottle) - c. 6 hours later, ds was covered from head to toe in urticaria and it was creeping in on his eyes and mouth. I chatted to the night doctor who advised the following mix of antihistamine:
- 10mg citirizine
- 5 ml piriton
- 5 ml desloratadine
It finally worked and started to receed. Now how come you can give so many different types at once? I understand they all work in similar ways, and that antihistamines are generally not a dangerous drug - not like steroids, for example. I'm amazed. Anyone else got any experience here?

alibubbles Sat 27-Sep-08 18:31:50

I am having the same problem at the moment.I am covered in hives the size of my hand, all over my body. My face is swollen and everything itches like mad.

I am taking:

180 mg fexofenadine
40mg prednisolone ( steroid)
10mg singulaire

and I swig half a bottle of piriton at night!

I have been like this since late august, so I have sympathy for your DS.

Adding in the singulaire has started to decrease the itching, but not the size of the hives.

I am being referred to a dermatologist hmm

I was taking a similar combo to your son but was up to 20mg citirizine, 20mg of desloratadine and the piriton at night.

DD regulalry takes 10mg of both C & L for allergies.We think that you become immune to them after a while

taniashort Wed 08-Oct-08 19:55:53

Wow - poor you! Hope it sorts out

deathbychocolate Thu 23-Oct-08 18:45:01

so sorry for you. I regually have an 'attack' of hives, all over the body, even the groin area, but they are not as big as your hives. By taking regular cetirizine and drinking lots of water and avoiding lots of sugary foods, i have reduced the number of attacks. After reding about your situation I will never feel sorry for myself again

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